Trevor Wells

Reviewer of Lifetime movies and other films that pique my interest.

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Lifetime Review: 'The Twisted Son'
5 months ago
For the past year, things have been rough for the Petrovic family—particularly for Paige Petrovic (Andrea Roth). Ever since losing her teenage son Zach to an overdose, Paige has found herself crippled...
Lifetime Review: 'In Bed with a Killer'
6 months ago
In the wake of her husband's death, Lena Mitchell (Jennifer Taylor) decides that the best thing for her and her teenage daughter Ashley (Rachel Rosenstein) is a fresh start somewhere else. After movin...
Lifetime Review: 'Killer Under the Bed'
10 months ago
After her father's untimely death in a car accident, Kilee (Brec Bassinger) moves with her mother Sarah (Kristy Swanson) and sister Chrissy (Madison Lawlor) to a new town to start fresh. This proves d...
Lifetime Review: 'Babysitter's Nightmare'
a year ago
In the wake of a child patient's death, nurse Daphne Hart (Brittany Underwood) finds herself falsely getting much of the blame--despite the fact that superior was largely responsible for the tragedy. ...