Verona Jones

Verona is an aspiring writer living in Tucson, Arizona. Where with help of her three furry critics, Verona writes stories that scare her readers under the covers. 

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Haunted Vacation at Solomons Island
22 days ago
I love anything paranormal as well as haunted sites... from a distance. It is totally different when you are the one involved in the haunting. I grew up seeing spirits and over the years I have become...
Is Seattle’s Historic Moore Hotel Haunted?
a month ago
The date is June 2019, and the event is a family reunion. My sister, Tracy, and I flew into SEA-TAC (Seattle-Tacoma International) to give our dad a heart-attack (just kidding) on father's day. Unbekn...
Haunted St. Louis Cemetery
7 months ago
I tried to write normal articles, but that isn’t me. So, I am back to writing what I love most: The spooky, the haunted, and the downright scary. I’m starting with the haunted St. Louis Cemetery, loca...
Is Howard Street Cemetery Haunted by a Wizard?
7 months ago
The Salem Witch Trials created their own ghosts. Everyone has heard of these trials. The mass hysteria in Salem where the locals saw witches lurking in every home or skulking around every corner of Sa...
8 months ago
It was a beautiful fall day. Cool temps with a slight breeze that played with your hair, lots and lots of sun, A perfect day. A day Amber King would normally be singing some sappy song, while doing he...
The Mystery of the Casa Grande Domes
a year ago
I'm a paranormal freak. I love stories about the paranormal, especially ones that are true ones. My favorite stories are ones based on urban legends. Urban legends like the Mothman or the Haunted High...