Will Lasley

I’m an actor and director of stage and screen (mostly nonprofessionally so far).  But I also dabble in standup, and on this site, horror movie criticism.  I’m just a guy who loves horror movies, and I like to share that love with the world.

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‘Ready or Not’ Movie Review
3 days ago
Ready or Not is a horror/comedy about a young woman named Grace (Samara Weaving) who is marrying into a very rich family of card game and board game manufacturers. On their wedding night, Grace’s new ...
'47 Meters Down: Uncaged' Movie Review
7 days ago
47 Meters Down: Uncaged, which is unconnected to the previous 47 Meters Down, is about two stepsisters who don’t exactly get along (a tale as old as time). When Mia (Sophie Nélisse), an oft-bullied wa...
‘Them That Follow’ Movie Review
7 days ago
Them That Follow is about a deep-South Pentecostal snake-handling church. When a secret love affair results in Mara (Alice Englert), daughter of pastor Lemuel (Walton Goggins), becoming pregnant, she ...
‘Nightmare Cinema’ Movie Review
10 days ago
Nightmare Cinema is a horror anthology film conceived by genre veteran Mick Garris. Several people wander into an old movie theater, and each patron is shown a horror vignette featuring themselves as ...
'Rock, Paper, Scissors' Movie Review
11 days ago
Rock, Paper, Scissors (originally titled Rock, Paper, Dead) is the long-awaited collaboration between director Tom Holland, who brought us Fright Night and Child's Play, and writer Victor Miller, who ...
‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ Movie Review
12 days ago
Based on the popular trilogy of books of the same name, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark involves a group of kids in the late sixties who sneak into an allegedly haunted house on Halloween night. Aft...