Zuzia Szafrańska

Attempted - • Professionalism • Horror • Comedy

•Trying to put thoughts into words

IG : @zuzianique

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Birthday Surprise - A Short Story Pt. 2
5 months ago
As I slowly get out of bed, I debate with myself about the realism of what I just witnessed. My house is silent, no noise to be heard at all, silent like a graveyard. It was killing me. The silence wa...
Why I Hate Halloween
5 months ago
It's that spooky time of the year again. Hi, welcome to my rant about why I hate Halloween. Oh, the joys of going trick-or-treating with your friends, until you wake up the next day and as it turns ou...
Birthday Surprise - A Short Story
a year ago
Trembling, I felt a knot beginning to tie in my stomach. Not from fear but from disgust. As his mutilated corpse just lay there motionlessly, I just stood there staring right into his glassy, lifeless...