Best Horror Movie Cosplays

Nothing brings fear to life more than the best horror movie cosplays, and we got them all.

We all love seeing a good cosplay now and then, but the really good ones should make the movie feel realistic. As if, for some odd reason, that zombie has come to life. Cosplay does this for every fan, not just comics, and their creators live and breathe this life. 

Bringing these characters to reality isn't easy, it's actually painstaking work, which is why I've compiled some of the best horror movie cosplays so their creators get some deserved credit, and so you all get a good scare from these horrifying cosplays. 

Whether you like cosplays, comics, or horror movies, the following best horror movie cosplays will assuredly make your skin crawl. 

Saw With Tricycle From Saw

There's very few things more terrifying than the villain from Saw, simply for his casual ease, soft-talking nature, and utter psychotic mentalities. And, lest we forget, that horrifyingly creepy mask just can't be ignored. 

Though you won't be tormenting people or systematically murdering them through a series of tests on the human condition, one of the best horror movie cosplays has to be this Saw complete with tricycle

Dead Nurse From Silent Hill

Anyone who's a fan of the video game knows the movie Silent Hill, and subsequently will know of the nurses that still lurk in the hospital there. She is downright evil and terrifying, not so much a zombie, but more of a soulless body haunting your mind. 

One of the most terrifying and best horror movie cosplays has to be this Silent Hill nurse, who went so far as to put fake blood all over the costume and used makeup underneath the bandages so her one eye looked even creepier than it already does. 

Jason Vorhees From Friday the 13th

He may not be a zombie, but he sure can't die, proven by well over seven movies. Jason Vorhees, known for his appearances in the Friday the 13th films, wields a machete and wears a hockey mask to scare his victims. 

As one of the best horror movie cosplays, this Jason Vorhees makes all the movie renditions look like children's costumes. If you can scare the entire neighborhood as Jason for your next halloween costume, then you're a true horror fanatic. 

Sugar Plum Fairy From Cabin in the Woods

If you've ever seen Cabin in the Woods, you'll know what the Sugar Plum Fairy looks like, and trust me, she's not a pretty sight. You'll need to read a tutorial on cosplay makeup before attempting this one. 

The following Sugar Plum Fairy Halloween costume is one of the best horror movie cosplays for its superior use of makeup. The face actually looks like a circle of teeth are poking out of her head, it's so terrifying it makes you want to bury your head in a comic out of pure terror. 

Twin Sisters From The Shining

About the only thing that tops Saw himself would be the creepy twin sisters from The Shining. You won't be adding height to your Halloween costume, but you will have to get another person to pull it off correctly. 

Look at this twin sisters cosplay, which really proves it's one of the best horror movie cosplays with their bloody dresses and grueling faces, they can scare zombies away they're that terrifying. 

Sam From Trick 'r Treat

Though I'm sure you haven't heard of this film, Trick 'r Treat is one of those underrated horror movies that never got the fame it deserved. Likewise, the character of Sam from that same movie tends to be ignored.

Fortunately, this Sam cosplay brings the character back to life, literally. Being one of the best horror movie cosplays, Sam could not be kept ignored, since this underrated film had been given such a plausible recreation. 

Little Girl From The Ring

This one's super easy and, if done correctly, extremely terrifying. Maybe it's just me, but children in horror movies showcase the scariest of forms, and this demon girl from The Ring is only ten times worse. 

The following creepy Ring cosplay is one of the best horror movie cosplays, because it's not only scary, but easy to do. Made simply by wearing a dress while keeping your face covered with your hair, the little girl from The Ring is the easiest Halloween costume to recreate.

Freddy Kruger From A Nightmare on Elm Street

The immortal being known as Freddy Kruger gives the likes of modern day horror villains eternal fear. He's as scary-looking as he is murderous which is only amplified when he's brought to life. 

This Freddy Kruger cosplay from A Nightmare on Elm Street proves that good horror cosplay does exist, and the few that do put fear into you are the ones that make the best horror movie cosplays. 

The Joker From The Dark Knight

It might not be a horror movie, but The Dark Knight's Joker character can easily scare the pants off anyone, and seen in person, it's no wonder. Add this to your next Halloween costume ideas for a night of laughter, smiles, and comic villainy. 

Simple and easy, the Joker cosplay literally takes nothing but a purple jacket, green pants of some kind, and face paint. Color your hair green, draw the cuts with lipstick on the sides of your mouth, and soon enough you'll be asking everyone: "Why so serious?"

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