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Birthday Surprise - A Short Story

Chapter 1

Trembling, I felt a knot beginning to tie in my stomach. Not from fear but from disgust. As his mutilated corpse just lay there motionlessly, I just stood there staring right into his glassy, lifeless eyes. Unknown of what to do next. Call the cops and be charged for murder? Keep staring and hope this is all just a ghastly nightmare? Or run away like a coward and pretend nothing happened? My mind wasn’t thinking straight, I was sweating furiously, I felt so ill, as if I was going to throw up from thinking about how gruesome my mother’s death must have been… 

I feel so ecstatic, it’s my birthday after all. Day in, day out my parents would ask me what I want for my birthday, I couldn’t give them a proper response without my breath hitching and butterflies forming in my stomach.

My hands getting sweatier by the minute, when I hear my dad call me from down the stairs I felt as if something exploded inside of me. As I rush to get ready, I trip over a pile of clothing and fall flat on my face. I didn’t feel any pain, no pain could stop me from getting down those stairs. As I began running down the stairs I could feel the excitement boiling in me, ready to burst any second.

When I finally get down the stairs, my dad is nowhere to be found. I start to wonder around the house, feeling more anxious by the second. No presents, no cake, no parents. Not a single noise to be heard. I’ve searched the kitchen, living room, bathroom and even went back upstairs to search every room. But no sign of anyone. There’s only one place left. The basement. The basement full of all my childhood fears. Like all the strange noises I heard at night, objects moving by themselves.

As I open the door leading to the basement, I immediately feel a chill run down my spine. The cold air prickling my skin. The reminder of my childhood sickening me by the second. I can feel myself shivering, fearing the unknown, or rather what I know that awaits me in the basement. I start to traipse down the basement stairs, one step at a time, as my fear wouldn't let my body move any faster. Feeling my self-getting weaker by the step, fatigue spreading through my body. When I finally reach the last step...

I see a tall, slouched, skinny, dark figure just standing in front of me, motionlessly with his long, tentacle like arms resting on the floor. I didn’t know what to do. My mind was racing. I just stood there, scared to make any movement. I feel the figure slowly progressing towards me. Its eyes shining like the moon on a clear night sky. Blood dripping from its pearly, white teeth. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t move a muscle. I just stood there staring into its big, wide eyes, feeling the cold sweat drip from my palms. The moment I blinked he was right in front of me. Towering over me. I did not care to look up. I hastily shut my eyes close hopping it would all go away, even though I knew it wouldn't. It never did. After what felt like hours, even days, I languidly open my eyes only to be greeted by that blood stained Cheshire grin.

Gasp! I jolt up in my bed, awakening from that ghastly nightmare. It felt too realistic to be a nightmare. Drenched in the same cold sweat, still feeling my self shiver. It couldn't have been a dream. I knew that thing, but at the same time I didn't.