Blood Addiction

Chapter 1

"Please be quiet. Leave me alone!"

I sat in the corner of my bedroom floor hugging my knees close to my chest, rocking back and forth and started crying. Why won’t the voices stop? Why won’t they leave me alone?

I can't believe he would talk to her and not me.

Why didn't I get that job promotion? I work harder than anyone else in that company?

As soon as I get home I'm letting her know that I want a divorce.

Why won’t they leave me alone! Why is this happening to me? I started to cry harder as the voices got louder and louder in my head.

Jane calm down, I'm coming.

I could hear my mom's voice over all of the other ones. It was like a calm over the storm, soothing the panic that I felt in my mind. Her voice seemed like it was blocking out all of the other voices and putting up a barrier between them and me. She walked into my room, grabbed me and held me until I stopped crying.

"Its ok Jane, I'm here now."

A warm presence surrounded me and I started to drift off to sleep. The last thing I remembered before blacking out was the sound of my mom's voice telling me that everything would be fine. 


I always thought that having special powers would be cool but no one told me how hard the process of controlling them would be. Ever since I was five I had the ability to read the minds of other people. At first it was scary and hard to deal with but with the help of my mom I learned to control it over time. Apparently all of the women on my moms' side of the family have had some kind of psychic ability. My mom has been teaching me all of the tricks that her mom taught her but the stronger my ability gets the harder it is to control it.

"Hey Jane, there's someone waiting for you at the front desk."

I looked up to see my co-worker, Bella, walking my way with a stack of files. We've been working at this new blood bank for about six months and we just never seem to get a break from filing. Everyone seems to come here for quick cash around this time of the month. I could've read her mind to see who was waiting for me but my mom always told me it was rude to do that without permission. Instead, I just got up and walked towards the front desk. When I got there I saw my best friend Antonio sitting in the waiting room reading a sports illustrated magazine.

Tony and I first met four years ago when one of his perverted friends was trying to hit on me and I ended up punching him in the face. Hey, in my mind, he deserved it. The things that he was saying to me were disrespectful and the disgusting things that he was thinking were even worse. If it was up to me I would've done more than just punch him in the face but Tony came in and saved him. Ever since then we have been as close as family.

I walked over and sat next to him.

"Hey Tony. Aren't you supposed to be at work right now?"

He gave me a pat on the head and started to get up.

"I was at work smart one. I just chose to leave early, it was super slow today."

"If you want I can take my lunch break now and we can go get something to eat. What you feel like eating?"

Just as I was about to turn around and walk back into the office I felt a weird feeling come over me. Something told me to look towards the front door and that's when I saw him. He had to be the sexiest piece of meat that I have ever seen. Well, not piece of meat, but he was one fine ass man. He had to be around six feet tall with a butter cream skin tone that would make you want to drool over him. He had a muscular build and from what I could see on his arms, some mean-ass tattoos. His hair was golden blond and was pulled back in a ponytail. Damn, he looked like he could be Brad Pitt's long lost brother. He turned to face me, our eyes locked and boy was it intense. He had the deepest sapphire blue eyes I have ever seen. I know my mom told me not to read people but I couldn't help it with this one. As I tried to get into his head I realized that there was a block keeping me out.

What the hell? Well that's different.

I have never came across someone that I couldn't read, not even Tony. I just chose not to read his mind because for some reason his mind always seems to be revolved around sex and the new things he can learn from women.

He started walking towards Tony and all I could do was stare. Damn who the hell was this guy and why is he having such a strong effect on me?

"Hey, Julian. I thought you were coming in tomorrow?"

Tony walked over to Brad Pitt Jr. and gave him a tight hug. Wait, did he just call him Julian? How the hell does Tony know someone as hot as him? I stood there not able to move and watched as they talked until Tony turned around to face me.

"Julian I want you to meet my best friend Jane. Jane, this is my big brother Julian."

Big brother? What. The. Hell. They looked nothing alike; Tony must be adopted. As I looked at them standing next to each other I started to see the little bit of similarities between them. They were both tall, had long hair, and were athletic. Tony had brown hair though and looked way younger than his brother. Another big difference was that Tony looked like he was the pretty boy lady-killer type, while Julian had that bad boy I've been on the other side of the law look.

"Nice to meet you Jane."

Wow even his voice was sexy.

"Nice to meet you too. How the hell are you related to Tony? You clearly were the one that got blessed with the good looks."

Tony smacked me in the back of my head as Julian started laughing.

"Hey, I'm just stating my opinion. Don't take it so personal."

"Don't mind her Julian. Jane here was born with no filter so she just says what's on her mind."

"So what sue me, I like to state my opinion from time to time. If you'll excuse me I'm going to get my jacket so we can go to lunch."

I started walking past Julian to get my jacket and accidentally grazed his hand. A shock went through my body and everything went black. I could hear someone talking in the distance but the voice didn't belong to Tony or Julian.

"We have to protect the family by any means necessary Alexis, even if that means leaving our children. I trust that Julian is old enough and wise enough to take care of everyone."

An image manifested in front of me and I could see a man and a woman sitting on the edge of a bed wearing some kind of medieval-looking clothing. The man looked to be in his late 30s and looked really familiar. He had beach blond hair and golden brown eyes that looked like it was full of sadness.

Wait, did he just say Julian?

"I understand Julius, but to part with my children at such a young age breaks my heart."

The woman, who had long, flowing brown hair started to cry on his shoulder. Just as I stepped closer to the couple I felt a force knock me down as if there was a barrier around them. The image of the couple started to drift into the background and I could feel myself getting weaker. Damn sometimes I hate being psychic.

"Damn Julian, what the hell did you do to her?"

"I didn't do a damn thing, I didn't even touch her."

I could hear the voices of Tony and Julian but couldn't see them; everything in front of me was blank. Focus Jane, mom taught you how to get back from this. That's just great I can't read his mind but when our skins touch I get visions. This guy has to be the weirdest person that I have ever met. I tried to focus on the voices of Tony and Julian to come back to reality but something was holding me back, as if they wanted me to stay in a deep sleep.

I started to feel panic wash over me as I tried harder and harder to get back to them but everything went black and I started to feel cold. Okay, this is super creepy. The image of woods popped up in front of me and I could see three people running. What they were running from I don't know. Just then, I saw a dark shadow coming up behind them, it had red, glowing eyes and gave off this aura that made you want to pee in your pants. Come on Jane snap back! Snap back! The glowing, red eyes look towards me and start to rush my way. Oh shit! Run Jane! As soon as I was about to run something grabbed me and pulled me back to safety, I felt a warm presence surround me and heard a familiar voice that wasn't my mom or Tony and everything went black. 

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