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Book Review: 'NOS4A2'

A Brilliant Book

Let me get it out in the open that Joe Hill's NOS4A2 is a brilliant book; it is a sheer irresistible page-turner packed with a fantastic story and characterization, it tells of Victoria McQueen, known as Brat to her father, finding out her unique ability to a bridge that brings together reality and thoughts/fantasy.

However, her gift has its consequences, and there is a much darker man that is a host to this ability, a man that goes by Charles Talent Manx, a child abductor whose vehicle takes away the rationale of a child and leaves behind a living corpse with oblivious innocence. He promises to them to a place called Christmasland where every day, they open presents and every evening is Christmas Eve, where they eat cotton candy every day and drink hot cocoa. 

After Victoria had a brush with Charles when she was seventeen, and is the only known victim that escaped, but when he returns twelve years later, and gets her son, her ability, rationale, and overall sanity is put to the test as she goes after Charles Manx. 

The novel is a fulfilling package with a sweet amount of suspense, thriller and human nature; years from now, when more Joe Hill novels would make their way onto my bookshelf, this is going to be considered a classic. 

This novel has the perfect balance of everything that makes a supernatural thriller and suspense novel, captivating, yet the manner of the writing has a fulfillment of tranquility. Some might be distant themselves because of its 670-pages, but believe me when I say that each page is worth it, each page has a life of their own, and if these pages were taken out, then the novel would have some of its essence missing, and doing it an injustice. 

Some might say this was normal of Joe Hill, after all, he is the oldest son of Stephen King, the most prolific writer ever since the 70s, and spewed out classics like Carrie, The Shining, The Dark Half, End of Watch trilogy, IT, Cujo, etc. However, NOS4A2 is up there with the King dynasty classics. Joe Hill has also written Horns, has a movie adaptation starring Daniel Radcliffe, his first published novel Heart-Shaped Box, which won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel while NOS4A2's nomination for Best Novel. His recent effort is The Fireman, a sort of homage to classic novel The Stand by Stephen King.

In conclusion, this novel is an addictive, fascinating read, and is a must-read recommendation if you are looking forward to a supernatural suspense and thriller novel that resonates classic King novels. 

Thus this novel is given a 4.7/5.0, and the errors are only among the minuscule parts of the book that would be criticized whenever a letter is observed under high-powered microscopes. 

The writer also acknowledges holes in the book at the end of the book, there are some King-references in the novel, especially when a map of Manx inscapes shows up, and if you look closely, some of the names of the places may ring a bell. 

The book is also being adapted into a TV show that starts pretty soon, with the premiere being on June 2, and Zachary Quinto as Charles Manx, which is one of the highlights of the TV show, as ever since AHS: Asylum, I've been terrified of that guy, so get that book on Amazon, or your nearby bookstores before the show starts and takes you into the cold, cold realm of Christmasland.

'NOS4A2': 4.7/5.0

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Book Review: 'NOS4A2'
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