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Call Yourself a Peter Jackson Fan? Discover His First Feature Film 'Bad Taste'

Peter Jackson, the director of such massive epic trilogies as 'Lord of the Rings' and more recently 'The Hobbit,' made a string of kick-ass low budget horror comedies.

Derek's never run!

Peter Jackson, the director of such massive epic trilogies as Lord of the Rings and more recently The Hobbit. A staple of main stream movies and a house hold name... but his early films are a completely different matter.

A young film hungry Jackson made a string of kick-ass low budget horror comedies that could grab you by the throat and make you scream with laughter or throw up your lunch.

A young Jackson with his trusty 16mm Camera

I discovered this movie through a friend when I was in my teens and I couldn't believe how awesome it was. This was way before Jackson had made it to the level he's at now, I think he'd had minor hits with the Michael J. Fox movie.

He also made The Frighteners (1996)...

My ectoplasm's all dried up.....

...and the Kate Winslet feature Heavenly Creatures (1994).

a fantasy horror movie

Both worth taking a look at by-the-way, especially Frighteners as it's a hilarious dark comedy in disguise. 

Bad Taste (1987)

The story of a town that's been taken over by aliens, that have chopped up all the inhabitants for their fast food space restaurants. It's up to a gang known only as "the boys," led by Derek (Jackson who seriously hams it up) who turn up with an arsenal of military weapons to send those bastards back to where they came from.

I'm born again!....

A bizarre B-Movie plot that works in the low budget setting of the movie, apparently it was shot on weekends over a four year period. The film is balls-to-the-wall gore mixed with some very humorous set pieces. Watching a sheep accidentally get blown to smithereens is just one stand out scene in the movie.

Honestly the film is so bizarre and original it just DEMANDS to be seen, this is Jackson at his most raw and you can see a real filmmaking force at work. Personally I wish he still made the odd movie like this and have got my fingers crossed for a return when and if he ever leaves middle Earth behind.

Shh! they'll never spot us

What's most impressive, although they look a little dated by today's standard, is Jackson's prosthetic alien makeup which he created and made himself, even cooking them up in his mothers oven. He also made a miniature version of a key house exterior as it turns out to be an alien ship in disguise.

Leave to soak for the night and it'll be delicious

A key scene where aliens drink the vomit of another alien who's consumed some of the local humans is about as gross out as you can get. Apparently the gunk was nothing worse then yogurt with green food coloring and beans... with a little dirt thrown in for thickness. Something Jackson only admitted at a Bad Taste reunion for Empire Magazine years later.

Mmmmm i got a Chunky bit....

If your still reading this I absolutely URGE you to watch my review of Bad Taste below..

That's 1 up for the censor....

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Call Yourself a Peter Jackson Fan? Discover His First Feature Film 'Bad Taste'
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