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Can We Have a 'What We Do in the Shadows' but With Every Mythological Creature?

Please, and Thank You

As of recently, FX confirmed a 10-episode TV series adaptation about the acclaimed Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's What We Do in the Shadows (2014), and both of them are working on a spin-off of the movie called We're Wolves. The horror comedy focused on the lives of a group of vampires that live in Wellington, New Zealand, recorded as a mockumentary. So, think of The Office but with vampires, which is the best concept possible. If they approached vampires, and now wolves, it raises the question: why not every single creature possible? To take a myth or creature, add comedy and an unusual setting for them, and somehow make it work. As a contribution, here are some of the endless possibilities I've thought about.

  • Mermaids: Along with vampires, mermaids have been portrayed multiple times in the media. From animation to comedies or dramas, mermaids have a vast representation and we all know it. But listen, consider this: Taika and Jemaine. With flawless, long, colorful hair. Swimming along the New Zealand coastline. And a pirate angel baby played by Chris Hemsworth (got that Infinity War reference?). I deserve this comedy.
  • El Chupacabras. The Musical: call the people who did Coco (2017), because that soundtrack and movie is my life. If Disney doesn't want it, we go to Dreamworks and hope for the best. They created the Minions, they owe me (us?) big time.
  • Bigfoot: Now, for this one, I'm envisioning a buddy road trip movie. Kind of Thelma and Louise (1991) minus the killing and jumping off a cliff (that movie was intense once you start thinking about it). But anyway, Zach Galifianakis, Karl Urban, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the creatures, while Russell Crowe and Rhys Darby are trying to hunt them.
  • Medusa: Cate Blanchett as Medusa, who hosts a podcast about snakes, and falls in love with Sarah Paulson (I couldn't find any blind actresses, so sorry about this one), a listener of said program who writes to her every week. The plot twist is, she is blind so she won't be turned into stone. The bonus scene is Cate trying on clothes to Mr. Blue Sky in front of the statues of friends, played by Jonathan Brugh or Aubrey Plaza, among others.
  • Cupid: Idris Elba is a host in a reality show about finding "the one," and because of the show, he doesn't believe in love anymore. Will contestant Danai Gurira change his mind? Yeah, she will.
  • Dragons: They live in the multiple parks nearby San Francisco, and Constance Wu, dragon whisperer (I just created that job, and now I will update my CV to get it), has to protect her beloved city from them. Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill voice two of the dragons. Or are poorly dressed as them, I haven't decided yet.
  • Witches: this has to be the third part of What We Do in the Shadows. Give me a witch gang with Lucy Lawless as the leader. Cameos from the original movie, of course.
  • Banshee: a banshee that wants to become a pop star, so the movie focuses on her time in a music contest. My ideal casting would be me because I dress in dark clothes, I shriek a lot (or sing. My neighbors can confirm this) and I mourn on a daily basis for free.
  • Canine-like creatures: you know how lately there are tons of movies about dogs that I haven't seen yet? Well, take this concept but add Cerberus (3-headed good boy, who is a good boy, boy, and boy?), the black dog, tanuki, hellhounds... The possibilities are endless. I know they are kind of associated with hell and death and whatnot, but if it is a dog, I'm petting it, okay? 

And all in all, that's it. Taika, Jemaine, if you are not writing them, I will. I just need some money to produce them and we are all set. 

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Can We Have a 'What We Do in the Shadows' but With Every Mythological Creature?
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