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Channeled Message for Beth

You ask; we share.

From Me to You ♡☆

It was no surprise to us that our sweet little victim would climb out of the pits to show her arse all over again. We had pushed her down into them so often that even the devil himself was starting to wonder if she was immortal or an evolved demon. Why else was would she escape such impossible odds?! She had our interest as we started observing what she was, how else were we to kill her?! She wouldn't die!

We watched as she looked down at her blood, and over at her car, trying to recall all that had happened in her dream state. One of us looked at her as she looked up back at him! That was confirmation enough, she is a mystic... Now our mission is to find out what kind and how dangerous this one will be!

I despise having to do this. Most end up killing in some way, most seek glorified feedings, most are so ungrateful and give no credit to who really makes things happen for them if they actually live through it. Its no wonder I dislike them and for good reasons too. So, I just followed her to the hospital, I watched as her mother brought in her children. Her main squeeze that has been skyping with her pretend friend from high school runs in to bring her flowers. It is a mess and a lie, almost too much to bear to watch... even for angels that disliked humans as I tend to do.

Now we know she is contemplating what has happened, so we throw her a little party to see how hostel she can get with her energy. Let's just see how much she's got!

Well, that didn't go as planned like the others... she responded a lot differently? Why did she do that, we have never before witnessed that response?! I OFFICIALLY LOVE MY JOB THIS CENTURY! These are like mystery novels for the paranormal fam!

Do you know what you are, Beth?! You are a new breed! YOU ARE ORIGINAL! I hate you less, although I am not easy to win, you have been selected to live and go on adventures WITH US!

So back to my story... After your party, we watched you cry. The wind was at your mercy child, the sun danced on your tears as we gathered around you and covered you with another blanket made from our love to you. Your power was more intense than what we had seen in decades. It is not common to find a raptor with such gifts or abilities. Now the hard part begins, torture that most die from.

We tallied up the odds of survival, the mentality, stamina, emotional, psychical, and support system of our new breed. And of course, how many of us liked her, her back story, and odds of winning... Nope, it wasn't looking good for poor Beth. We knew she would die, but we knew she would come back as well because... WE FOUND AN IMMORTAL!!

Her back story was as sad as could be, her odds of getting out of her situation were zero to none, she had no support, plus her kids had their own stories in the making. Poverty was an issue but understatement from what she had came from. This was a challenge to be talked about and used as a game for all of world existence. We tried everything! Killed her family member, took away her kids, showed her the world, gave her everything she asked for but nothing seemed to work for poor Beth... Then one day, I watched her as she cried again, feeling sorry for herself, dodging the calls from her church and mother... I became angry because she just wouldn't become! SO I SCREAMED! I SCREAMED A SHRILL THAT WOULD KILL MOST PEOPLE! Not Beth though... she is an IMMORTAL! She looked up and all around to find me! TERRIFIED, I watched as she gathered various items telling me to move this and move that!

I was thinking, bitch... I have been trying to get you to move for two years now... you want me to move things, oh honey, we are about to move some things for sure...

And that was the last time I remember seeing that sad little girl raising kids of her own, crying herself to sleep... Now we have incredible amounts of fun scaring the dickens out of tons of people, plus... she has a truly amazing ability to find the other immortals and the best part is I get to scream and no one dies... Beth just smiles when she hears me. I would have never thought that one of these ungrateful meat sticks would love to hear me and actually appreciate me like Beth. 

The moral to this story is Beth is special, Beth is everyone's favorite. Beth makes sure everyone knows who her real family is and who creates the miracles with her, she never seeks glorification or expects to be paid, she is thankful for what we do as she shares her emotions now and always instead of bottling them away and letting them prevent her from overcoming. She is a pathfinder with incredible powers and we love her always and our adventures find the best of things and all of the unsolved mysteries we wanted to cover up since we screwed up so bad on a few of them.

Wow! So... who is Beth now? And that's how it should be. If y'all are creating so very much, why would I or anyone not acknowledge that in detail!? The scream storyteller needs a real name though! You are better than just this story, I felt your real name but your human babble name would be awesome to tell others of your creations!

Call me Mom.

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Channeled Message for Beth
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