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Coming This Fall to Your Neighborhood Mall

Poetry By: Bazal Morani

Time for Halloween to mark the beginning of Fall

Everyone in costumes trick-o-treating at the mall

It’s been a while since this mall has seen a crowd

It hasn’t exactly made this neighborhood proud

Last year a mass murder took place

As a serial killer covered his face

A strange occurrence that no one could explain

He came into town looking calm and rather plain

Then he entered the mall and went for the toy store

He stole all the dolls—seemed like hundreds or more

With his blue eyes glowing with rage he shot down all the shoppers

Then he took the time to sit each one up and make them look proper

Went around with an axe chopping off hands and legs

Then leaving them with a doll with the same missing limbs as they beg

But as each took a last breath and started to die

He would pull out his camera to take their pictures as they cried

This was the first day of the reopening of the place

Rather strange really as every corner you turn you can see his face

The laughter and joy filled the air around

Spiders and cobwebs covered both ceiling and ground

As children laughed and played and the adults all talked

There was not a sign of fear or terror no matter how far you walked

But then the lights suddenly shut and you could hear a screeching scream

People pinching themselves swearing it’s just a dream

Run to the nearest doors but they all seem to have locked

All the windows and garages all seem to be blocked

Then all of a sudden an eerie echo of giggles and laughter

All through the halls getting louder and faster

Shelves start to shake all through the stores

As dolls and toys come crashing to the floor

They all start standing on their own, eyes glowing red

They run towards the baffled crowds biting off heads

As the blood starts to seep through the walls

You can hear the echoes and cries as people start to fall

As limbs go flying and eyes start to roll

Was this the serial killer’s goal?

The cops all wait outside waiting to close the mall

Now they will have to wait to open it until next fall

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Coming This Fall to Your Neighborhood Mall
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