Contract Renewal Mean Everyone's Favorite Walking Dead Hero Is Safe for Another Year

WARNING: Spoilers for Season 7 and Season 8 of The Walking Dead follow

If you've been watching the latest season of #TheWalkingDead, you know this season has been one of the most phenomenal so far and only five episodes have aired. Within those five episodes, The Walking Dead has set up numerous events from the accompanying Walking Dead comic series to take place during Season 7 and Season 8. However, there's one event, or rather one character in particular, who doesn't exist in The Walking Dead comics but has a very substantial role on the television series. The character in question is #Daryl.

Daryl is an original creation for The Walking Dead television series, but despite not having a comic book counterpart to draw source material from, Daryl has become one of the iconic characters associated with The Walking Dead, as well as a fan favorite to many who watch the series. It's shortsighted not to give more credit to the actor who portrays Daryl, #NormanReedus.

Fan Favorite Daryl Will Make It Out Of Season 7 Alive, Despite Contrary Beliefs

Norman Reedus has brought the ragtag character of Daryl to life over seven seasons and continues to remain a fan favorite character on The Walking Dead. However, fans have began to speculate that Daryl (Norman Reedus) would be meeting his end sometime during Season 7 after Norman Reedus made some grim comments towards the events of Season 7. The comments made by Reedus drew up a flurry in speculative posts about whether or not Norman Reedus was speaking directly of what would happen to his character, Daryl or another character during Season 7.

For some odd reason, a craze around Reedus's character l has been built up over seven season and as a result, fans are obsessed with keeping Daryl alive on The Walking Dead. According to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, Norman Reedus has renegotiated his contract to remain on The Walking Dead for Season 8.

'The Walking Dead' actors Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln recently renegotiated to make $550,000 and $650,000 for seasons seven and eight, respectively.

Massive Spoiler Revealed By Acknowledgement Of Contract Length And Extension

Before this news was released, there was no confirmation of Norman Reedus sticking around for any time beyond the current season. Production staff behind The Walking Dead have always concealed a character's fate, so information relating to contract terms isn't likely to be released very often. However, the news of Norman Reedus renegotiating his contract inadvertently reveals a massive spoiler in the process.

However, the news of Norman Reedus renegotiating his contract isn't all that surprising when we look at the popularity of the on-going series. Considering where his character stands on The Walking Dead, it isn't looking too good for him.

After struggling with countless losses and seeing his friends die in front of his own two eyes, Daryl appears as if he is reaching his final days on The Walking Dead.

Now that the news of Norman Reedus renegotiating his contract has surfaced, it's safe to say Daryl is safe for another season of The Walking Dead.

Along with surviving Season 7, the confirmation of Daryl (Norman Reedus) sticking around for another season means he'll be freed from the Saviors. He's currently working as a lowly servant under Negan's lash and whip, but the timeline of events transpiring on The Walking Dead television series is progressing much faster than the comics, so Negan's rule shouldn't last too much longer. As a result, Daryl should be freed at some point during Season 7.

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Contract Renewal Mean Everyone's Favorite Walking Dead Hero Is Safe for Another Year
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