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Could a 'Child's Play' Reboot Be in the Works?

Mezco Toyz has announced a new version of the 'Good Guys' doll, based on the classic horror feature 'Child's Play' (1988).

Mezco Toyz, the toy manufacturing line responsible for creating many television and movie-inspired toys, has announced a new addition to their catalog of items. In a report from Comicbook.com, Mezco Toyz has announced a new version of the 'Good Guys' doll. The item is based on the classic horror feature Child's Play (1988).

In Child's Play (1988), the 'Good Guys' dolls were these highly sought-after toys by children everywhere around the world. The movie centers around a little boy who wants one more than anything else, to which his mother obliges and gets him one. But the doll isn't an ordinary 'Good Guys' toy. The 'Good Guys' doll that is brought home to the little boy is inhabited by the spirit of a serial killer who proceeds to kill and maim everyone possible, while posing as an innocent-looking toy. The possessed doll was later branded 'Chucky' after the serial killer who inhabits the doll.

And now there's a new identical replica to the 'Good Guys' doll from Child's Play (1988) for purchase. Well, the item is soon to be on sale, but Mezco Toyz has announced the item for pre-sale purchases, as well as making the Child's Play 15" Talking Good Guys Chucky displayed prominently for sale on their website. Here are a few screenshots of the item as it's displayed on Mezco Toyz website.

The new item based on Child's Play (1988) is likely on sale for a particular reason. It's plausible to assume that Mezco Toyz keeps their line of merchandise concurrent with new productions in media. Which means that there's likely a new entry in the Child's Play franchise in development. The last entry in the franchise was in the form of Curse of Chucky (2013) which premiered to lukewarm reviews, as well as a handful of critics ripping through the film, mercilessly.

But with the new announcement of another Child's Play-inspired line of toys, it's plausible to assume there's another film in development. Nothing is confirmed for now but a reboot of the original Child's Play (1988) could be in pre-production as we sit. Reboots are all the trend in recent years. This year, we'll be privy to a reboot of the classic Ghostbusters (1984). And the following year, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are set to star in a reboot of Jumanji (1995). Most likely, a reboot of the original Child's Play (1988) is the new chapter in the franchise.

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Could a 'Child's Play' Reboot Be in the Works?
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