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Creepy Gifts Every Horror Fan Would Love

Having a friend who loves horror in all its forms can make gift-giving tough. These creepy gifts will definitely make buying their next goodie easier.

Horror fans are awesome people who typically have a fascination with the dark, the morbid, and to a point, the mysterious. They are great friends and can be the perfect pal for a movie suggestion, however, they've got one issue: gifts.

On first glance, you'd think they would be pretty easy to shop for, right? Well, not exactly. If you have ever befriended a true horror fan, then you know you can't get them DVD box sets, simply because they probably already own them all. You can't get them horror stories you haven't read because they either already read them or might not like that particular brand. 

Fear not, dear reader. As a horror fan, I can tell you that the following creepy gifts will make any of the spookier members of your clique love you a ton more. 

Until Dawn by Sony

Until Dawn is one of the most popular horror adventure games to hit the console world since Silent Hill—and it's already starting to become just as iconic as its horror predecessors. It's got a classic horror setting (remote mountain retreat) and some seriously spooky baddies. 

If your friend has a penchant for gaming and loved Silent Hill, this is one of the best creepy gifts you can get them. Heck, it's a great gift idea for your gamer boyfriend, too. 

The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book by Alan Robert

Coloring books are so juvenile, right? Not quite. In recent years, adult coloring books have taken the stage and have proven themselves to be incredibly soothing and awesome ways to create beautiful works of art. 

The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book is one of the most epically creepy gifts you can give someone who loves to whip out colored pencils and unwind with coloring. Once you see the illustrations, you'll understand why this is so creepy. 

The Shining Jack Torrance Pop! Vinyl Figure by FunKo

"Heerrreee's Johnny!" 

It's a classic horror villain line that every single Stephen King fan knows. FunKo Pop fans can get to enjoy all of their favorite villains as figurines, including The Shining's own Jack Torrance. If you get your horror aficionado any of these pop figurines, they'll be thanking you for these creepy gifts in a second. 

Jaws Stainless Steel Bottle Opener by Factory Entertainment

While this isn't quite as creeptastic as other creepy gifts on this list, we're adding it because it's the perfect gift for the horror fan who loves Jaws. This shark-styled stainless steel bottle opener is ideal for fans who just really love the idea of a man-eating shark opening up bottles. 

It's useful, and is one of the best gift for your favorite beer lover out there. You could even say this gift has bite...

Freddy vs. Jason Freddy Krueger Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya doesn't make your typical "creepy gifts." Rather, they are an anime fandom company that makes specially sculpted figurines. This cool figurine is a female version of Freddy Krueger.

Not going to lie, this makes us feel creepy in a couple of ways. Like, are we creepy for liking Freddy? If you have an otaku friend who loves Freddy vs. Jason, they'll love you for getting this for the. 

Jason Voorhees Mr. Potato Head by PPW

Mr. Potato Head is a classic toy that was so popular, he even got his own stardom in Toy Story. Did you know that the Potato Head toys have a horror series too? It's true, and they are actually pretty neat. 

If your friend has a childish streak, or just loves seeing quirky yet creepy gifts, this will be a must-have. Seriously, though, who knew that it'd be so creepy to see Mr. Potato Head?

Slashers Playing Poker Poster by Poster Art House

A lot of horror fans hold their creepy gifts in a certain tongue-and-cheek sense of reverent humor. This framed poster is the perfect choice for people who have a sense of humor about their fandom, especially if it involves slasher film characters like Mike Myers. 

Big enough to be a focal point, but not large enough to be overbearing, this poster is perfect for a horror fan's movie cave, bar area, or for their room. 

Pennywise the Clown Apron by MENT Trends

Once in a blue moon, you'll find horror fans who love checking out all the best slow cooker dinner recipes they can find online, and who can whip up a delicious meal in seconds. When this happens, you're going to have to find a way to balance the two expertly. 

This Pennywise apron adds a dash of macabre, a little IT factor, and a lot of fun to any recipe your buddy will make. It's one of the coolest creepy gifts you can get a kitchen-loving friend. Bon appetit!

Walking Dead Morphing Mug by Toy Innovation

If you have a Walking Dead fan in the house, then you have plenty of creepy gifts to choose from. This spooktacular mug allows the drinker to see a terrifying zombie appear whenever hot liquid is poured inside. When cold water gets put inside, the image fades, making the mug resemble just about any other on the market. 

Even Monsters Need a Date Poster by Picture Peddler

We're going to end this list of creepy gifts with one that harkens back to the era of old school Hollywood movie monsters. This cool poster is a little bit pinup, a pinch of  kitsch, a dash of old school Hollywood horror—all wrapped up into one!

Ladies who love the Bride of Frankenstein will adore this pic. Heck, anyone who loves a little 50s pinup humor will love looking at this poster. 

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Creepy Gifts Every Horror Fan Would Love
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