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The Creepiest Creepy

So we all know what creepypastas are: ghost stories or urban legends that are spread through the internet and sometimes through word of mouth. I decided to research and try to find some of the creepiest of them all. I already told you the story of Slender Man and all of the madness that is linked to it. So without further stalling here are more creepypastas.

Besides Slender Man, Candle Cove was one of the top creepypastas according to Mashable. Candle Cove is a creepypasta from 2009 by Kris Straub. The story centers around a fictional kid's show, Candle Cove. The story goes that the show can only be viewed by a small group of people, mainly kids. Later in the creepypasta the people who watched the show later took to forum to recall the disturbing show. The whole story is told through the posts on the fake forum. The Candle Cove show was about a young girl named Janice who had imaginary pirate friends. The pirate characters were portrayed by puppets. The main disturbing part was a character known as a "skin taker." The skin taker was a skeleton pirate who wears clothes made out of children's skin. The story ends with the main poster to the forum saying that his mother revealed that every time he said he was watching the show the only thing that was on the TV was static.

Anasi's goat man story was based on a Native American legend and it was found on 4Chan's paranormal board. The story is about a teenager who goes down to Alabama to visit family. While the teenager, his cousins and their friends all were camping out in the woods they saw a figure. They saw it was a goat man speaking jibberish as it followed them. They spent the rest of the night in fear as the goat man got closer to them and terrorizing them. The teens ended up getting paranoid. There was no real ending to the story that I could find just that the goat man was trying to get closer to the group. There are other stories and sightings of the goat man, most of them I think are skin walkers. I will write more about skin walkers later. There's a lot to know about them and they are so interesting.

There is one I know because of Loey Lane; it is simply called 1999 and I will spare you the weird extras. This creepypasta is based on a story a young man told about these low budget shows like Mr. Bear. The young man wrote the story states that after watching this show for awhile he wrote Mr. Bear and got a response. In the letter he got an invite to come to where they filmed Mr. Bear but when they got there the police were there and the house was on fire. They later found out that the guy had killed kids, possibly even molested them.

 There has been one on the news called Mo Mo. Mo Mo is a character that is now attached to some phone numbers. When people call they get a call back from Mo Mo. She can also text people and FaceTime people. She knows about people's lives and sends people disturbing pictures. It has been linked to suicides.

You can believe that these are real or not and that's your choice. I recommend going to the creepypasta website, they have the full stories there. Yes, there is a full website; that's how popular these things have gotten. I was just giving you the overview to introduce you to the concept of what creepypastas are.