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A short story about a girl who misses her deceased father and calls out to him, only to get something else that answers her.

Sitting on the park bench, Ava Smalls thought quietly about what to do. Her deceased father haunted her thoughts, telling her it was all her fault. She got up quietly and slowly and walked to the abandoned swings. Calling out to her father in her mind, she sat on the swings, waiting for him to appear. She closed her eyes, hoping he would show up. “Ava.” A voice whispered in her ear, close enough to her to make her eyes pop open. 

Facing her was her father, James. “Dad?” Her eyes filled with tears looking at the ghastly figure of her dead father. The figure nodded his head. “Dad. I’ve missed you so much.” She cried, the pain too much to bear. The figure stood still. The cold breeze blew autumn leaves through the figure of her father. Her tears didn't affect him. Her heart squeezed, realizing that this man wasn’t her father.

She sat still, not moving as the figure morphed into something much more sinister than her father. The growls growing louder, bones cracking, the figure stood straight. The sight paralyzed her in fear. The figure was tall, about 8 foot, pure black, and skinny. You could see its large bones through its blackened skin that was stretched tight around its body. Horrified, Ava screams out, “HELP!” she yells as she stands up and tries to run. No one is around to hear her yells. The creature suddenly appears in front of her, blocking her way. Its claws latched to her arms holding her in place.

The creatures face was close to hers. Its sharp yellow teeth covered in dark red goo, appearing to be blood, its mouth stretched wide almost touching where its ears should be. The eyes were glowing red, staring deep in her soul. Its tongue reached out and licked up the side of her face. Her whimpering becoming louder. Her body shook as the creature let out a low growl. Frozen in fear, the creature took its chance to attack. It pounced on her, tackling her to the floor. Pinning her down, it ripped at her skin. Her screams were stuck in her throat. All sound was muted as the pain became unbearable. It tore at her torso, her insides piling on the ground. Even after the creature knew she was dead, it kept going, eating her former body. After it was finished, it dragged her soul back down to the pits of hell whence it came.