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Darker Disney

Part 2

We’ve all seen these Disney movies, but I bet you haven’t seen them like this.


After Cinderella gained two awful stepsisters who were desperate to be the prince’s bride, her father passes away and her evil stepmother forces her to become the housemaid. When the big ball comes up, Cinderella finds that she now has a fairy godmother who tailors her a beautiful gown and gives her a pair of glass slippers all to wear to the party, but she loses one of her shoes on her way out. The prince takes off with the shoe, after falling in love with her, and tries to find the foot that fits. Yet this fairy tale is actually gorier than told, for it’s not a fairy godmother who brings her what she needs—it’s actually little birds that grant her wishes and bring her gold slippers rather than glass. And when one of the stepsisters tries to fit her foot into the golden slipper, to prove she is the prince’s meant-to-be bride, she can’t fit her big toe in. So her mother gives her a knife and tells her to cut it off because when she is queen, she’ll never have to go anywhere on foot anyways. She does as her mother has said and it fits. Then she’s busted when the little birds tweet to the prince, “Turn and Peep, Turn and Peep, There’s blood within the shoe. The shoe it is too small for her, The real bride waits for you.” With the second sister, it’s the same result except for this time, the problem is her heel, so she slices it off, for her mother tells her the same thing. But the prince eventually finds Cinderella.

‘The Frog Prince’

A romantic story about the prince who was cursed and turned into a frog. A curse in which could only be broken by a kiss from a princess…not so much. In the real tale, the princess is taking a walk in the woods with her most prized possession, her golden ball. She drops the ball into a well and becomes distraught. It’s then that the frog comes around and says he’ll retrieve her ball if she allows him to stay in her castle with her. She agrees, so he hops down and gets it for her. The princess takes off running back towards her castle without her. The frog grows furious and heads to the castle. Her father, the king, answers the door and listens while the frog tells him of the agreement between him and his daughter. He then forces the princess to keep her word to the frog. She is disgusted by the frog so when she gets alone with him, she picks him up and throws him against the wall, hoping to kill him. Rather than a kiss, it is the act of violence that breaks the spell.


This one is a story about a puppet named Pinocchio and his sidekick, Jiminy Cricket. Pinocchio was built by Mister Geppetto, who often wishes Pinocchio would come to life. One day his wish comes true, but then Pinocchio runs off and joins the circus, but gets kidnapped by the man who runs this circus. The Blue Fairy comes by to help him, but once he starts lying about what he's been up to, his nose starts to grow. Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio escape and get back home only to find that Geppetto has set to sea to go and look for him and was swallowed by a whale. Pinocchio tries to save him from the whale but drowns. Yet the blue fairy sees the good in him and brings him back to life, also removing his puppet strings, making him a real boy. Of course, that's not how the real story goes. In the real story, Jiminy Cricket is not a companion, he is more of an active conscience due to the fact that the Pinocchio in this story is a disobedient nuisance. He acts horridly towards Geppetto and when Jiminy Cricket gets onto him for doing such, Pinocchio bashes in Jiminy's head with a hammer. Pinocchio then is punished by having his wooden legs burned off and then is hung, but people were not too happy about the ending, so the real author, Carlo Collodi, was forced into bringing in "the blue-haired fairy" to bring Pinocchio back to life.