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Dead Man 'Walking' The Mile: Does 'The Walking Dead' Trailer Tease Another Big Death?

There was plenty of flesh to chew over ahead of the show's October return during The Walking Dead season 8 trailer.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

We hope you've had your shots, because fandom is once again preparing to be infected by AMC's The Walking Dead with an explosive eighth season. While we may be in a cooling off period between seasons, fans of the undead ensemble are preparing to chow down on another season of mayhem and massacre.

Whether it be explosive pyrotechnics, hidden Easter Eggs, or even weirdy-beardy time jumps, there was plenty of flesh to chew over ahead of the show's October return during #TheWalkingDead Season 8 trailer. Lurking in the bowels of the Comic-Con trailer, did AMC just spoil that another character's time is coming to an end?

It is safe to say that there is going to be some collateral damage across Season 8 of the zombie outbreak, but as for who kicks the bucket, we are about as clueless as poor Otis from Season 2 — or so we want you to think.

Warning: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead.

Like A Bullet To The Head

The trailer shows many unnamed survivors gunned down, gutted, or just nibbled by walkers, and while we have already guessed who might be next to go, did we miss the death of another one of our series regulars right before our eyes? Prepare the tweets of "Bury Your Gays," because according to ComicBook.com, it looks like one half of the Eric/Aaron romance could be prepping for a dirt nap. While it is all hearsay at the moment, there is a pretty convincing case for the departure of Jordan Woods-Robinson as Eric Raleigh.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

The scene in question — at 4:22 — sees Ezekiel's armored "knights" presumably launch an attack on a Savior compound. Caught in the act, there is a surprise ambush that is undoubtedly from Negan's Saviors and the bodies soon hit the ground. Boo hoo, extra No. 256 has just perished. But eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that one of the unlucky victims isn't wearing that usual Kingdom attire.

It may just be a coincidence or a lack of continuity, however, it could lead to one scene plucked straight from #RobertKirkman's comic books. During Issue #118, Eric has his grey matter spectacularly sprayed on the walls during an unsuccessful raid on a heavily guarded Savior compound.

The same issue of the comics also has Ezekiel's Richard lose his life in a similar attack elsewhere, but with Richard already dead on the show (RIP) showrunner #ScottGimple could be killing two birds with one stone. Imagine Eric mirroring the comics and dying in the arms of Aaron. Cue violins and a moment we have been waiting for since the two characters were cast for Season 5.

What a way to go.

The death of Eric wouldn't exactly be up there with the likes of Abraham, Sasha, or Glenn, but we all know the impact of a good death scene, even on a background character. Seeing a spin on Abe's comic book death with Dr. Denise Cloyd taking an arrow to the eye was one hell of a way to go.

Even with Sasha's dramatic farewell in the Season 7 finale, there are those who were disappointed that Gimple didn't fully adapt the Holly death from the comics. We have seen the show chop and change more from its source material, but the few scenes that are pulled directly from the panels of the page are great fan service for those who enjoy the show and the books. Offing Eric just like his original death would go some way to redeeming the character.

Being honest though, would you really miss Eric? While Ross Marquand's Aaron has gone from creepy collector to Rick's loyal right-hand man, Eric has lurked in the background basically waiting to die. Obviously, this being TWD it could be completely the other way round, but fans are hoping for a budding Aaron and Jesus romance akin to where the comic books are heading.

As for Eric's (possible) death, the clue from the trailer is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, so who's ever going to spot that? The internet, that's who, Scott Gimple!

(Source: ComicBook.com)

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Dead Man 'Walking' The Mile: Does 'The Walking Dead' Trailer Tease Another Big Death?
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