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Dead Meat: A Fan's Review

Dead Meat, also known as Dead Meat James, is a horror YouTube channel.

The YouTube logo for @DeadMeat

Dead Meat, also known as Dead Meat James, is a horror movie YouTube channel that is run by James A. Janisee with the help of his girlfriend who appears in videos, Chelsea Rebecca.

First off, this YouTube channel is one of my favorites out there, with it being my top horror-based channel. The quirky, fun, and sometimes serious host James seems like a great man with a great idea who provides awesome and amazing content to horror fans who have searched for a channel like his. 

His main series for his channel is his Kill Counts. These are weekly uploads that tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies. Ranging from major franchises like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street to the smaller, lesser-known movies like Jack Frost and Thanks Killing. Yet, every video has amazing editing and visuals that shows the dedication from James to his channel. His knowledge of pop culture and the many, many references to other movies make us chuckle and smile as he knows and understands the movies that we love.

Every so often James also live streams games like Friday the 13th and Alien: Isolation on the YouTube channel, These are great additions to the series that he's already covered on the channel, giving us, the viewers, a new insight into the franchises that he plays within. We get to laugh and get scared with our favorite horror presenter making us feel like we know him better. 

James also talks and connects with fans and viewers in the YouTube comment section and on Twitter, showing that he isn't like many other YouTubers who don't really connect with us.

The First Ever Kill Count

Kill Count for Friday the 13th by YouTuber @DeadMeat

James also does podcasts with Chelsea with a different topic each video. The latest one being about the trope of final girls in horror movies like Friday the 13th. These podcasts are normally around the one-hour mark with both hosts debating the topic and any other things that they stray onto.

Other topics that the cool pair have discussed are movie reviews, Saw traps, and the occasional interview.

The pair has been joined by others like Joel Arnold & James Graessle (Practical Folks) and FoundFlix (I couldn't find his name LOL sorry). These are joyful additions to the couple that helps bring more awesomeness to the podcasts. Note, James also runs Practical Folks as well as Dead Meat, But that channel is about comedy rather than horror.

Podcasts, FoundFlix, and Practical Folks

However, With all the fun and happiness that Dead Meat & James bring us, he also has a serious tone. On the 24th of February, 2018, James re-uploaded his President's Day kill count. This included his PSA for the Florida School Shooting, in which he understands that the topic of the kill count was ill times and respected people's decisions to miss the kill count. The intro showed that the James that we know and all love is just a down to earth human with feelings, and this act made us respect our hero even more.

James also tweeted support for the rising suicide number, again showing support and his caring side. These days you never know what anyone is going through. This single tweet from James might have just helped someone recover from their depression.

Well... This concludes my mini review for the YouTube channel Dead Meat. I want to personally thank James and Chelsea (if they ever read this) for all their work and dedication in making their fans happy and helping them on a personal level.

So, James and Chelsea, thank you.

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Dead Meat: A Fan's Review
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