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Deadly Dangerous Love

When Risky Love Becomes Murderous Love

( black and white photos sexy; 564x1330; www.pinterest.com )

A Short Story

"... Bethany? Are you listening to me?" Dr.Jacobs asks, the entire class turning to stare at me with their blank eyes.

"Yes," I answer, my cheeks burning.

It was obvious something was going on between Dr. Jacobs and I. Everyone knew it, but I still try to pull off the innocent girl card, just trying to get through the last couple months of college. Moments before class ends, I try to sneak out of class early, but to no avail.

"Bethany, I will need to speak to you."

I slowly ease my way back into my seat and give him an exasperated look.

"Class dismissed. Don't forget to read pages 164 through 196 for Wednesday's exam! Midterm grades will be posted after the exam is taken by all students, so I do not want any emails from any of you asking about your grades. Have a good day," with a wave of his hand, continuing to talk although I was the only student left in the room.

I walk down cautiously, as Dr. Jacobs has never made such obvious statements in front of the class before, so I assumed this discussion was going to actually be about academics. 

"You wanted to see me?"

Looking over at the doorway, he pushes me against the whiteboard.

"Damn, you look so good today," his hand slowly making its way up my shirt and his luscious lips getting closer to my nervously bitten lips.

"Lucas, we can't do this now, not here, and you know this. Even though it's obvious what is going on, I don't need this to ruin my education, okay?"

Lucas drops his hands immediately and turns away. He packs his belongings and starts walking out the door.

"Come on, then. If not here, I know a place."

See, Lucas is only four years older than me, with me only being 21. Every student in the school wanted to bang him. I mean, come on. Bodybuilder type of physique and gorgeous black hair and blue eyes with full lips and freckles, standing at six foot even.

We make our way to his vehicle and I look around before getting in. I duck down and wait until I feel the bump of the speed bump go by before I sit up in the seat.

"You know there's not much to worry about, right? No one cares, cause if they did, you would have been kicked out a long time ago and I would have been fired. So chill, Bethany," Lucas says, his hand slowly moving its way up my leg.

It sends a shiver up my spine. Each touch is just like the very first; electrifying and sexy.

We finally reach a building that I am guessing to be his apartment, that I have never been to before. He jumps out of the vehicle and I follow.

Lucas grabs my hand and we both race upstairs into his room, where he throws me down on the bed and starts to make out with me. His sweet taste explodes in my mouth as his tongue fights with mine. His hands knot in my hair and a moan escapes my lips. After many moments of this foreplay, I turn the tables and pin him against the bed. I take off my shirt and the rest of my clothes. Lucas's hands mold and shape my body, my hands shaking as I go to undress him for the first time. Taking off his shirt, I see his tight muscles and toned abs and v-lines. I am burning with lust at that moment and rip off his pants to reveal a well-hung man.

"Go on and lay on the bed. I'm going to show you what a good time is."

Our sexual escapade seemed to go on forever and I was ready to take a shower. I get up off the bed and pick up my clothes and my phone and head towards the bathroom.

"That sure was a good time, Lucas," I say, winking.

I reach the bathroom and my phone rings.

"I will be right back!" I call out from the open bathroom door, looking down and seeing that it is the university calling, quickly closing the bathroom door.

I take a deep breath in and calm myself down because it could never be about us. Not after all this time.


"Hello, is this Bethany Walker?" a male voice says over the phone, with much authority.

"This is she speaking, what do you need?"

"This is President Anderson Miller of the University calling to let you know that we have gotten several reports of sexual misconduct between you and Doctor Lucas Jacobs. We would like to speak to you at three o'clock today along with Doctor Lucas Jacobs to discuss this further. Do you understand?"

My heart drops. What I thought would never happen, happened.

My mouth dry, I finally answer, "Yes, sir. I will be there then."

I hang up and quickly go to throw up.

"Hey, are you okay?" Lucas's voice piercing through the door, accompanied by a frantic knock.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

I then hear his phone ring and my heart sinks. Footsteps walk over to the bed and I hear mumbling.

"... okay. Thank you, sir."

I open the door and see Lucas sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at his phone and then turning to me.

"Is that why you were sick, Bethany?"

I shake my head and start to cry. I sit on the bed and he puts a reassuring arm around me, kissing the top of my head. "It will be okay."

We both get showers and get dressed. I dry my hair and make my way to the car where Lucas is already waiting. We make our way back to the university quietly. As soon as Lucas parks, I make my way out of the vehicle and towards the President's office alone. It was already 2:45 and my heart was racing. I walk to his building and open the doors, my heart racing.

"Are you here for the meeting with President Miller?" His secretary asks me.

I just nod my head, a lump in my throat.

"You can head on back."

I thank her and go knock on the door. The president opens the door soon after.


"Hello, President Miller."

"Have a seat. We will just wait for Doctor Jacobs before we start this meeting."

I sit down the farthest away from his desk, my heart hurting from how fast it is pounding. I feel like I have been sitting across from President Miller's steely gaze for hours when I hear a knock at his door. He gets up and opens it to reveal Lucas. He quickly glances at me and then takes a seat furthest away from me.

"Well, now that we are all here, we can start the meeting. We have had many reports of sexual misconduct coming from many different people and we are concerned about the integrity of the university. Bethany, you signed a student contract that said that you would not engage in anything sexual or romantic towards any professors or staff at this facility. With this deliberate misconduct, we as a university must dismiss you from our facility. As for you, Lucas, do you have anything to say?" President Miller says, peering over his silver-rimmed glasses.

"Yes sir, I just wanted to say that none of this was consensual and that I engaged in this misconduct only because Bethany blackmailed me," Lucas says, a secret smirk playing across his face.

"THAT ISN'T TRUE AT ALL!" I jump up and yell.

"Sit down, Bethany. You are dismissed either way. You may leave to gather your belongings. As for you, Lucas, see you tomorrow, and the meeting is adjourned."

I open his office doors and sprint out of the building, hearing the echoes of Lucas's pleas to speak with me. I run out to his vehicle and slash his tires with the knife I carry around campus to protect myself. How can he do that to me? I was falling in love with him and I thought we were good for each other. With my heart breaking, I hear him coming closer. I hide behind the vehicle that is right next to his car and wait for him. He walks around the side of the vehicle and spots me.

"Bethany, listen. I was just saving myself from going to prison! I don't want us, this, to end..."

But he doesn't even get to finish that before I lash out and slash his throat and start stabbing him ferociously, my anger boiling out of me with every stab. I stab him one last time and leave my knife in his chest as I walk away bloody.

Our love was a risk in the first place, but it isn't anymore.

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Deadly Dangerous Love
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