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Demon in My Room

My First Encounter with a Demon

This true story happened to me in GA about 6 years ago. I was laying in my bed. It was about 1 am or so. I was about to fall asleep when I heard a noise coming from my window. I didn't know if it was coming from inside or outside so I got up to check & I saw a white orb looking thing going past my window outside. It was at that point 1:30 AM so I just thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me so I just closed my window shades and went back to bed and again. 

I was about to go to sleep and I heard a noise but this time it was not coming from my window. It was coming from my closet. I looked over and my dresser drawers were opening and closing by themselves. It freaked me out so I very quickly turned on my lights and as soon as I turned my lights on, it stopped. I ran over to my dresser to look to see what it might have been but saw nothing. I couldn't go back to bed because I was freaked out so I just stayed up playing video games. It was now 5 AM so I went back to sleep and nothing else happened 'til the next night. It was midnight and I was outside with my friends just walking around or subdivision when all of a sudden we heard a very very high pitched female scream coming from the woods. I instantly got chills up and down my spine. I knew it wasn't a woman needing help because 1. what woman is in the woods by herself at midnight and 2. That scream was way too high pitched to be human so me and my friends booked it to my house where my friends were too scared to go home so they spent the night & went home that morning. 

Oh. & about that demon in my room. When my friends spent the night we all heard a noise coming from my closet again. After that about 10 minutes later, we heard my dresser drawers opening and closing by themselves again so we got up and turned on all the lights 'til it stopped. It was 1:45 AM & we were too scared to go back to bed 'til the morning. We all spent the next day researching the land my house was on to see if there was any dark history. This is what we found. There is an old road by my house called Jackson Trail Road—so back in the day Andrew Jackson used that road to get to the Civil War battlefield so we figured out that my house is not haunted. 

All of the lands that my whole subdivision sits on is haunted so I told my friend, "I have a ghost box. Do you want to go ghost hunting tonight outside?" 

At first, he was like no. Because we might contact something we don't want to contact but after a while, he said yes so that night we all went ghost hunting inside and outside and o.m.g. We found a lot in one night. First, we were ghost hunting in my house at night because we wanted to wait 'til 3 AM, also known as the devils hour to go outside. We were all inside with the lights off and we heard scratching coming from my camo backpack. I use it as my bug out bag. If you don't know what that looks like, look it up on YouTube. I don't have time to tell you but we looked at my bag and didn't find anything. It was time to go outside. This is where it starts to get good. We went outside and turned on our ghost box and ask, "is there anyone with us?" We got a demonic voice say yes. We all got chills! Then we walked up to the road a little and asked is Andrew Jackson here right by Jackson trail road and after a few seconds, we got a yes. then we asked if is there any females here (because we heard a very loud and high pitched scream the other night) then we got another yes. We asked if that was her screaming in the woods—and if so do it again. Then we heard another scream coming from the woods so at that point we knew the woods and the land was haunted.

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Demon in My Room
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