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Mr. Flake

The cold air and little water droplets hit May's face as her feet struggled to keep up her father, Mr. Flake, it was a little too cold for the middle of summer, but the weather was the least of May's concerns. 

"Why are we here?" she asked lightly, trying to pull her hand out of his tight grip. 

He ignored her and walked faster, letting go of her hand as they got to the building. She repeated her question and still no answer.

Her eyes started to tear as she rubbed the bump on her forehead. Her father's hand pushed at the small of her back pushing her through the door and into the lobby. The receptionist gave him a nod and they proceeded into the hallway, her father tugging on her arm now that nobody could see them.

"Here," her father said as he opened the door to Suite 115, an office space.

"I'm not going in there until you explain!" May said sternly, trying to stand her ground.

"I just want you to understand," Mr. Flake whispered, looking into her eyes. 

May looked away immediately, her and her father have always been close but the past few days he's felt like a complete stranger.

"Nothing here can make me understand your actions!" May hissed. 

A tear rolled down her cheek, her head was pounding now.  Mr. Flake tried to grab her hand but she moved it away and turned back. 

"You will do as I say!" Mr. Flake snapped. 

May stopped in her tracks. What did she get herself into? She could hear his light footsteps coming towards her so she made a move to run, only to be yanked back by her ponytail. A small scream escaped her throat. 

"Ssh... I hate it when you make me hurt you like this!" Mr. Flake said as he shoved her into Suite 115.

It was a normal office space, you could see the different offices through their glass doors and the businessmen and women doing what they do best... minding their business. A single desk stood at the center of the open space. A young lady sat behind it and from the way she looked at Mr. Flake, she knew him. 

"He's ready when you are, Pat!" she said enthusiastically, ignoring how he was holding his daughter by the hair. 

Mr. Flake knocked before pushing his daughter into what seemed to be a conference room. The two gentlemen in it stood and smiled at the site. 

"You weren't kidding when you said she was difficult," the one in the blue suit said as they both shook Mr. Flake's free hand. 

The one in the black suit extended his hand to May and laughed when she didn't take it. 

"Have a seat," the one in the blue suit said. Mr. Flake shoved May into a chair before taking a seat of his own.

"Are you sure she's ready?" The one in the black suit asked.

"Yes, she is!" Mr. Flake said.

"Ready for what?" May asked, now completely confused.

"To help people get what they deserve!" The one in the blue suit said like he was about to sell her the cure to cancer. 

The two men gave a presentation on what they do to people. They believed that their mission was to discipline people and set the world straight. They showed graphic clips of people being tortured and killed, because it is what they deserved.

May looked at her dad and had never felt more disgusted in her life! Is this why he did what he did? What made these people feel like they could play God? 

"Look, May, all we do is fill the gaps not filled by the justice system!" Mr. Flake said like it was supposed to make the situation any better.

"Really? So what did Grace do to 'deserve' what you did to her?" May snapped now unable to keep it together. "She loved you, dad!" 

May cried the images of what she had witnessed that night flashing through her mind. Mr. Flake remained unphased. 

"You're disgusting!" May got up and stormed out of the building.

Mr. Flake followed her silently. 

"Before you fully hate me, I need your help!" Mr. Flake said calmly. 

"My help?!" May asked both angry, confused and in pain at this point, "How could you possibly need my help now?! I saw you kill her!" May yells unable to control herself at this point. "You saw me, see you, so you knocked me out and brought me out here like it was supposed to solve something!" May was shaking and crying at this point.

"I just thought that you would be smart enough to understand," Mr. Flake said, his face remaining the same.

"What? That she deserved it?!" May sobbed.


"What about you? When do you get what you deserve?" May had to ask. " I mean you starved and killed your girlfriend... What do you get?"

"That's why I need your help!" Mr. Flake raised his voice before storming to the car and opening the trunk.  

The smell that wafted through let May know before her eyes did that whatever was in that trunk was not good!

"I can't look!" May covered her tear-filled eyes. 

Mr. Flake walked over to his daughter pulling her hands away from her eyes and walking her over to the trunk. 

"You have to see this!" Mr. Flake insisted, drawing May's eyes to the trunk. "Look!" 

May thought she was a mess before there was no picking her up now. In the trunk lay a lifeless Mr. Flake. "I got what I deserved, I'm a clone!"