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Dirty Little Secret Part 2

A Liars into Lessons Story

Her scream is short and quick, covered into silence by his hand and I curse silently to myself. I'd been so intent on stalking him that I'd missed entirely that he was stalking his own prey. 

Fuck. This wasn't part of my plan but I was willing to improvise. It was one of the things that made me, well me, and separated me from the human monsters I hunted. Besides, y'know, their humanity

He flips her around and presses her face hard against the brick of the alley wall, her whimpers coming out bubbly and muted—he'd at the very least bloodied her nose if not broken it. I glance at the mouth of the alley behind me, not surprised to see that no one walking by on the main street is remotely concerned about the noises coming from this alley. I curl my lip in a sneer at them all. Worthless meat sacks, the lot of them. 

No wonder Victim had employed me. Humans couldn't be trusted to do shit all besides fuck themselves over. They didn't need monsters like me to help them along; they were more than capable of doing it themselves. Gods, it was disgusting

By the time I look back at Franky boy and his newest prey, he's got her pants down and is working to get to her panties off but she's struggling and making it difficult, their bodies a writhing, shuffling mess of limbs and clothing. Good girl. 

I wait to act, though. He won't succeed in raping her, but everything is a lesson. And I have to be absolutely sure he's relapsed. Otherwise what I'm planning to teach him won't follow him into the After. 

Not properly, anyway. 

"I'm going to fuck you straight, bitch." At the sound of his voice slicking around those words, I'm done waiting. 

My growl thunders across the alley, making them both jump as I peel myself out of the shadows and stalk towards them. Franklin is frozen at the sight of me, and what a sight I must be. But the girl quickly rights her clothing and darts off, whispering a, "God bless you," as she passes me. 

Wrong deity set there, sug'. But I'll take it. 

"Hey there, Franky boy." I shrug out of my long coat and drape it over a stack of boxes, rolling up the sleeves of my button up shirt to my elbows as I slowly walk towards him. He takes a faltering step back, eyes wide as I smile sweetly at him, all promises and danger. "We need to have a chat."

"Wh..." he clears his throat and tries again. "What about?"

"Your dirty little secret."

He just blinks stupidly at me and I sigh, flapping a hand through the air. "Y'know, the one you'd 'fuck straight cuz she's such a cock tease that she couldn't possibly be a dyke'?" I parrot the words he told Victim that night so long ago, my voice dripping with venom, the shadows of the alley lengthening like living things as I watch him take one step then another and another away from me. 

Always backing up, always running, but with nowhere to go. Not this time. 

"Victim?" He splutters, the indignant laugh that follows it one I plan to feed back to him along with every last shard of his teeth. "I didn't know she was spoken for back then when I did her. Sorry if I stepped on any toes, man."

I growl again and am inches from his face in a heartbeat, delighting in the squeal of surprise that punches out of him. 

"I am no man, for one needs must be human for that term to be applicable," I hiss at him, my breath steaming the air between us as I grab a fistful of his shirt and haul him off the ground, "and every prey you touched in such a manner as you did Victim was undeserving of your soiled skin being near them let alone touching them. So I'm here to collect it."

"C-c-collect it?" The fear that colors those two words is delicious and I make a show of inhaling deeply of it. 

"Aye," I reply, pulling him close enough for me to lean down and whisper into his ear, "after I make a proper man of you."

"H-how... how you gonna do that?"

My laughter isn't human and a full body shudder makes him tremble in my hold at the sound of it. 

"Death by snu snu."

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