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‘Fiction’ Brings Fright to Life

A Novel of Nightmares and Horror

Have you ever been sad when a book ended? Ever felt filled with an essence of longing, wanting the story to go on? I feel like I am already going through withdrawals and I just finished reading this book.

Let me start with a disclaimer: I know the guy who wrote this book. I’ve referred to him as a friend for a couple decades now. In fact, when this story was a mere screenplay all those years ago, and he made a little movie about it, I did a story on it. As cool as I think this dude is, I attest that this is a completely unbiased review.

As a fan of the horror genre—I don’t care if it’s books, video games, TV shows, or movies—I feel it’s only right to give a completely honest review of Fiction. The thing is—I honestly loved it. It’s one of those books, one of those stories, that just completely absorbs you. You’re in it. You’re seeing these things happen as if you’re there. It makes it a difficult book to put down. But I am a busy writer myself, so I did have to take a bit to read it. I feel like that helped me absorb it all the better.

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About 'Fiction'

“Sometimes, a character is so strong, it refuses to be buried.”

That’s a quote from the book and one that seriously sums up what this story is about. I am not going to go too in-depth with my descriptions of the story because I don’t want to give too much of it away. This is a book you really need to experience for yourself.

I will paraphrase the info from the back cover, as a way to give you a glimpse into the story the way I saw it, to give you a little more than what you’ll read for yourself.

It’s about an aspiring author named Caitlin Frost, her ambitious editor, Veronica, and Caitlin’s enthralled friend, Don. It’s about stories that don’t make the cut and the characters from them not wanting to stay “buriedWhat I Loved About Fiction

As her characters come to life, Caitlin’s own life begins to unravel. What will these fictional characters do once they are walking and talking in the real world? You’ll have to read it to find out.

What I Loved About 'Fiction'

The story never gets boring. There wasn’t a moment when I wanted to skip over a paragraph, even though there’s at least one in most books I’ve read. It’s a story that begs you to keep reading. If you try to ignore it, it grabs you with its bloated fish-bitten fingers and brings you back.

I felt for the characters, even the evilest of them. I understood their fears and confusion. I wanted to know where their stories were going, and I wanted to know NOW.

Books don’t give me nightmares, not since I was a teenager anyway. But I did have one while reading this book, about someone from my past coming back to life.

I love that this book doesn’t sugarcoat things. It’s raw and sometimes raunchy. It’s dirty and gritty. And it’s definitely not a book for kids. This is an adult novel all the way, but that adds to its charm.

As I’m wrapping up this review, a few hours have gone by since I finished reading this. I still wish the story was continuing. I want to know more. I want to know what else happens. I want more twists and turns. I want to be shocked again. I want to feel that confusion mixed with awe that I felt when something wasn’t quite the way I thought it was. 

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‘Fiction’ Brings Fright to Life
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