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Fix You

A nightmare of a hospital

"Can you hear me?"

My ear twitched. Was the voice real?

"That's it, you're waking now."

I force my eyes open, a fluttering gooey mess. 

"Take it easy. There you are. Not too fast now."

I tried to sit up but was gently pushed back. 

"My....eyes..." I mumble. 

"It will take some time but they will come back. No worrying darlin'."

I want to protest, ask more questions, but the exhaustion. 

And her voice. It's eerily calming. So I give in. 

My body relaxes against the sheets and my head nestles into the pillow. 

Everything feels so comfy. Too comfy actually. 

I awaken. Not even recalling falling asleep. It takes a minute and then I remember. 

My sight. It's back!

"Thank God," I mutter under my breath. 


I freeze. Definitely thought I was alone. 

Then again, I really hadn't taken in my surroundings yet. 

Blinking a few times and clearing away the rest of the goo, I scan the room. 

Pure white. Blinding white. And so organized. Bottles and gloves all put away neatly. Not a speck of dust anywhere. 

Hell even the wires and machines looked perfectly placed. 

Everything belonged. 

"I've got to stand out in this pristine of a room," I whispered to myself. 

"If you're trying to talk to me, you gotta speak up man!" a voice replied. 

Shit. I forgot I wasn't alone. I looked towards the voice.  

There is a curtain dividing the middle. 

The other side must be where the voice came from. 

The curtain flew back, causing a jump from me. How'd it move? 

"Ya hear me?" she sassed. 

"Oh, erm, sorry..." I stumbled over my words. "I... well... I mean, I thought I was alone and I was sort of just talking out loud and..."

"Stop," she interrupted. "I'm kidding." 

Since I was avoiding eye contact, I finally looked at her face. 

A soft smile greeted me. 

"What's ya name?" she asked. 

"Lauri," I replied. "Yours?"


She had a strong accent that I couldn't place. There was also a sense of familiarity about her. Do I know her? 

"So what ya in for?" 

She broke my thoughts. 

"Oh, erm, knee problems." I patted my left knee gently, signaling the cast. 

I hate telling people my history with pain. It's exhausting.

"You?" I asked. 

Her eyes grew wide. 

"That's crazy! Mine's my right!" she laughed, pulling back her sheet and showing her similar injury. 

"Curious," I said, smiling sheepishly. Why do I feel so uncomfortable? 

We both went rather silent after the award exchange. Resorting to small chuckles over the television. 

After a while, I started dozing off. 

I bolt upright, a thrashing sound causing me to wake. Becoming hyper alert to my surroundings, I look towards Roxy, thinking maybe she fell. 

She didn't. 

Her whole body is convulsing. Violent shaking taking over from her head to her toes. 

I freeze, a scream not even able to escape from my mouth.

A nurse comes in and I become a little more calm, knowing she could help. 

She caught my eyes, a serious look coming across her face. 

"You may want to look away, darlin'." 

The tone she used causing my stomach to sink. 

Obeying, I look the other way, becoming more and more terrified. 

Roxy's scream pierced the air and ripped through the silence. 

I couldn't help it any more. I look back. 

The (nurse?!) was holding a massive needle. I follow the needle with my gaze until I got to the point... which was penetrating Roxy's eye. 

A scream finally escaped. 

The nurse slid the needle out then smiled at me. 

"Better run now, darlin'."