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Get Your Jump Scare on With These Free Horror Movies on YouTube

From modest-budgeted shorts to high-end glossy masterpieces, these are truly the finest mini-movies available for free anywhere on the web.

Bloody Hell!

Everyone's always throwing their hard-earned cash at #Netflix to get their horror rocks off. I myself am constantly deactivating and then reactivating my account when I feel the need to binge-watch. Is Netflix really the best place for horror fans to go? I'm gonna be the first one to publicly say it - NO! There is an alternative viewing experience of nine independent horror #YouTube channels that are completely free to view and made with style. From modest budgeted shorts' made on a shoestring to high end glossy masterpieces these are truly the finest mini-movies available for FREE anywhere on the web. So, let us delve deep into the twisted side of YouTube...

9. Crypt TV

Where's the cryptkeeper?

Launched in 2015 and majorly backed by Eli Roth and Blumhouse Productions, Crypt TV showcases the latest in horror filmmaking talent today by way of scary shorts' from between 16 seconds and 10 minutes. Fast becoming the go-to site for horror audiences and they have an audience of over 2 million followers on their Facebook page alone, it's a fully composed community in itself. They also have hundreds of original tales of terror from their collaborations around the world and whether you're partial to monsters or spirits from beyond the grave you'll find something to entertain you here. Check out this high production value shortfilm simply titled, Telos:

8. Lee Hardcastle

Talented Clay-mation expert #LeeHardcastle has been making crazy blood splattered short films for well over a decade now to critical and financial fame. His work echoes the #grindhouse movies of yester-year and has enough gore on show to entertain the most twisted horror fan out there...probably. His style has been heralded by no less than big celebrities like Simon Pegg, #JohnCarpenter and Edgar Wright to name just a few. Don't believe me? Here's a blood-splattered sample of his work in his animated remake of Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

7. The Horror Vault: SOG59

Dare YOU explore the vault?

The type of channel us horror fans didn't ask for but NEED! The horror vault awaits you for a dreaded tour of the macabre. The channel is a fantastic mixture of audio-horror, movies, TV specials and making-of documentaries. Everything uploaded is stated to be for "educational purposes" and the folks behind the scenes of this channel are obviously avid fans of this beloved genre. Let's hope YouTube doesn't change it's terms of conditions again and delete this channel anytime soon. Check out the untold saga from the making of cult favorite #EvilDead here:

6. Witching Season Films

What sets this channel apart is the fact it's not only horror but more specifically, it's Halloween horror. I love to watch movies on All Hallows' Eve that are actually set on that specific night — but perhaps this limits the yearly appeal? Well, who cares? It's the perfect season right now! These short films are shot with flair and style and mainly in beautiful 4K resolution. There's no better time to check out this channel. Watch their #Halloween-set shortfilm called Is That You?:

5. Matt Loftus

I just f****** love horror!

In all honesty, I can't really start praising this channel because, well — it's mine! All I will tell you (since I've sneakily muscled in on my own list) is that I make horror anthology shorts all year round and upload them onto my personal channel. #Ghosts, demons and monsters are all on the platter. I also discuss horror movies in my B-movie review series, and all my other work rotates around the horror genre (naturally). Check out my official channel trailer below...

4. Open Sign Network

Another great addition to this list is a channel dedicated to making nothing but horror short-films, feature length movies and other eerie content. You've gotta love the quality of their productions and they're getting better and better with each project. Check out this creepy short Dark Room, which is a Sinister-esque story and part of their anthology series Phobia:

3. BlackBox TV

Horror on demand!

Masterminded by award winning director Tony E. Valenzuela, Black Box TV is a channel chock full of terror. Sleek filmmaking is on show in the variety of shortfilms, web-series and prank video's all set well within a horror background. You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between what's on show on here to, say, what's on at your local multiplex. Don't believe me? Watch Versions of Elloise below:

2. Cowmaster Studios

Cowmaster Studios is another channel with a flair for showcasing people who experience something otherworldly while on their lonesome. Slick and stylish, I've been subbed to this channel for over a year and it's steadily picking up steam. If the team behind Cowmaster Studios keeps producing quality fare like this, then I'm sure it'll become a monster hit! Have a look-see at this short creepy tale called Clickbait:

1. Bloody Cuts

Only the finest slices make the CUT!

Bloody Cuts is a horror anthology channel (the best type) that has released a number of high-production short films on a regular basis since 2011. Being the base for a number of different filmmakers, #BloodyCuts has won multiple awards for directing, writing and makeup FX. Have a look at this from their back-catalogue, it's simply titled Stitches:

Honourable Mentions:

There are a few other channels that are also worth checking out if you're a serious horror freak like myself. Let's face it, if you've got this far than you probably are.

  • Bloody Disgusting: A number #1 source for all that is horror, they specialize in breaking down the latest horror movies plus producing their own feature films. Check them out, I'd recommend their World Of Death series for starters.
  • Chilling Tales For Dark Nights: A great place to listen to audio horror read by a wide variety of voice-over talent. On occasion, this channel also releases short films, so it's worth checking out.
  • 15 Second Horror Film Challenge: A mixture of original horror shorts by Andrew Robinson as well as hundreds of 15-second scares by filmmakers from across the globe (including me). Worth checking out and getting involved in if you too are a horror filmmaker.

So Much Horror

So there you have it, a fine amount of terror is widely available for your viewing pleasure online and at NO-COST whatsoever, I wonder what horror fans of pre-internet days did to get their jump-scare fix? I really hope you check out all these channels as they've all got some solid little gems. I mean, the future of horror has to have fresh meat, right? If you (yes, you!) know of any others that are worth a click, then let me know in the comments below. If you're feeling a little shaken after all those scares just remember to check in your closets and under the bed, before you sleep because you never know what might be waiting for you in the dark.

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Get Your Jump Scare on With These Free Horror Movies on YouTube
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