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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Short Story About a Girl Wanting to Party

A house party with tons of alcohol and a whole nation of cute boys sounded good to Laura Thomas, but a whole plate of baloney to her father.

"You're not going," he simply said, not taking his eyes of the current newspaper he had scrunched up between his hands.

"What! Why?" The girl slumped onto the couch facing her dad and folded her arms like a stubborn five-year-old after a mini meltdown.

"Because I said so." His eyes were still fixated on his paper, his thick-brimmed glasses perched on his nose which he always thought made him look smarter.

Not in Laura's eyes. He was just a grumpy old man who had never heard of the word 'fun.' The girl was 18 and still classes herself as "young, " which indeed she was.

Harold was doing what any other father would do with his only daughter, protect her.

It was an obsession to keep Laura safe, she was the only thing he had left and she couldn't lose him. 

Ever since his wife passed, the old man had been holding onto his daughter as if she was his lifeline, which he always believed she was.

"Because I said so?" Is that even an answer?" She wasn't going to give up, the girl's stubborn like her mother, thought Harold.

"You want a proper answer? Fine. The answer is no." Again, he didn't give her a glance, it was almost as if he didn't care.

Maybe he didn't.

"That's so unfair! I'm 18, I should be allowed to go out and have fun. I'm not going to be this young and beautiful forever."

She sighed dramatically, her bottom lip jutting out like the stubborn person she was.

He still didn't look. Laura could feel the anger heating up inside her body as she glared at her father with what seemed like a thousand daggers in her eyes.

"I'm going whether you like it or not." The words spat out of her mouth like a nasty disease and for the first time, her father looked at her.

But he would not let her win. He studied how her once pale face had turned the colour of a ripe tomato, how her eyes dug into him.

If she was to live under his roof, then she would have to abide by his rules. "No means no."

One simple word flicked off the only patience she had left and set alight the deep fire burning inside of her.

A blanket of red flickered over her vision and it was as if a volcano had erupted inside of her, sending hot chunks of lava to replace the blood circling around.

She let out a frustrated scream, her eyes desperately searching around for something to use.

The cork skewer laid next to the wine bottle.

The wine bottle even.

No, she thought, that won't kill him.

It was as if her body had come into motion without her even knowing. Anger coated over the real Laura Thomas like ketchup.

She was still Laura but just trapped in her own meatsuit.

Her heart had gone AWOL, only her mind and her body were working. Her hand gripped the cork skewer, the metal cold against the skin on her palm.

Harold was frozen in fear, not knowing what to do. Run, protect. Move! Just move God damn it!

The screams inside his head disappeared, strangled whimpers came from his mouth instead.

The metal hung out of his neck, if she was to move it, blood would squirt out like what it would in a really dramatic horror movie.

He wanted to move it but knew that he'd bleed out even quicker. Do something Harold. He pulled the metal out, losing all hope that he would even survive.

Specks of blood littered  the young girls face like freckles, she could even taste the blood when it dripped down past her lips and her tongue jutted out for it.

Her father's eyes rolled to the back of his head, the life of a 41-year-old man was leaving him completely.

A thick, crimson red blanketed the once cream flooring, creating a massive puddle of his blood.

A disgusting masterpiece of blood and tiny specks of flesh created an ill painting on the once nicely decorated walls.

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun daddy."

Friday the 28th, June, 8:23 PM.

The life of Harold Robert Thomas was no more.


I saw a sign hung in my bedroom and came up with this. I just wrote whatever came into my head and put it on this. I really hope you enjoy and gift if you want to. Happy reading!

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
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