Great Gift Ideas for Ghost Lovers

Know a spooky friend? Consider any of these ghostly gift ideas for ghost lovers.

Ghost lovers are truly unique individuals who fully believe in ghosts, as well as have a strong passion for the subject. They have downloaded every ghost radar app possible into their phone, actually own ghost hunting equipment, and will always bring up the paranormal to their friends at random. And I have to admit, they're among the coolest people; I respect their actions.

However, all ghost lovers deserve a gift around the holidays or on their birthday. And what better friend would you be than gifting them a ghost-themed present? Despite ghost hunting equipment, which they probably already have, small ghostly gifts will be the perfect gift ideas, like these! Any of these gift ideas for ghost lovers will surely spook your ghost-obsessed friend.

Haunted Mansion Musical Jewelry Box by Disney

If your ghost-loving friend has lots of jewelry and clutters them in the corner of her drawer, then she needs a jewelry box. All jewelry must be organized, or else you'll be left with tangled chains. But now you can gift this jewelry box to your friend. And the best part? It's inspired by Disney's Haunted Mansion!

It's the Madame Leota's tombstone, with her face in the center of the box. Finely detailed, it's also a musical box that plays "Grim Grinning Ghosts." I'll admit, this is one of the coolest gift ideas for ghost lovers.

Ghostbusters Trap Molded Mug with Slime by ThinkGeek

What ghost lover isn't a Ghostbusters fanatic? But what would really freak them out than this Ghostbuster-inspired mug? Among the best gift ideas for ghost lovers, these mugs can be used to drink hot beverages such as coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and more. 

What's awesome is that this mug can hold up to 28 oz. of beverages... that's pretty large for a mug. Designed in detail as the ghost trap in the film, the bottom of the mug features ghost slime that reveals itself once you finish the drink!

Ghost Ice Cube Tray Mold by ULATREE

Drink whiskey, cocktails, iced tea, or lemonade with tiny ice ghosts haunting your drinks! This silicone ghost ice cube mold tray is perfect for gift ideas for ghost lovers.

The mold is very simple to use; just fill the molds with water and put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. Really unique, spooky, and fun to put in cool beverages.

Collected Ghost Stories by M.R. James

It's not a list of the best gift ideas for ghost lovers without a book of collected ghost stories. M.R. James is the mastermind behind scary stories, and his book, Collected Ghost Stories, tells the tales of creepy and eerie happenings that will send chills down your friend's spin.

Story by story, your friend won't be able to put this down. And it might even keep him awake for days! But that's what ghost lovers enjoy, right? Being spooked.

Digital Decorations by AtmosFX

Here's a crazy one among the creepiest gift ideas for ghost lovers — this digital decoration of a terrifying ghost. Even though this is used for Halloween horror frights, I don't see why someone who's obsessed with ghosts can't have this in the middle of December.

Get your friend the Ghostly Apparitions DVD to project a ghost on any flat surface. Your ghost-loving friend can face the projector against his wall, door, or even window to spook those passing by. It's a really cool accessory to have in someone's room.

Stainless Steel Ghost Earrings by Body Candy

Allow tiny ghosts to dangle by the sides of your friend's head with these unique ghost earrings. Made of stainless steel, your friend will truly love wearing these either on the daily or going out. 

These earrings are designed with fishhooks so they hang on the ears. If you're having a tough time deciding on a gift, then this is definitely one of the best gift ideas for ghost lovers to purchase.

Bottle of Boos Ghosts Light Up Wine Bottle by Roman

Does your friend love ghosts and wine? Well, do I have a great gift idea for you. Among the greatest gift ideas for ghost lovers, this light up wine bottle figurine will be a great addition to your friend's ghost-inspired house decor.

Even though you can't actually pour or drink wine out of it, it's known to be a figurine. It's designed with frosted glass, the ghosts inside, "Bottle of Boos" written on the bottom with bats hovering over the ghosts. And to top the look, a black ribbon and cork. It's run on battery; however, batteries aren't included in this purchase. 

We Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts Throw Pillow Cover by Oh, Susannah

Spooky pillows? I'm sure your ghost-loving friend won't deny this adorable pillowcase. With a friendly ghost on one side and "We Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts" on the other side, these covers are perfect to use as bed pillows or on the living room couch.

Made with the softest and top quality material, these pillow covers are comfortable to sleep on or even cuddling with. They're also very durable and won't tear easily. 

Luminous Ghost Wall Sticker by Marsway

This is one of my favorite ideas out of the gift ideas for ghost lovers. These glow in the dark ghost wall stickers will drive any ghost lover mad. Your friend can basically place these anywhere. From the bedroom ceiling, to the walls in the living room, once the room is dark, the ghosts light up on their own!

They're easy to use, too. Since they're glow in the dark stickers, all they need is to absorb light from the sun. And when the sun is gone, they're the ones shining!

Wall Sticker Ghost Decal Clock by Harry Clock

We wanted to end this list of great gift ideas for ghost lovers with this awesome ghost wall sticker ghost clock. Featuring ghosts and "boos," your friend can stick parts of the clock anywhere in the house, like her bedroom or kitchen wall. 

Even though it seems complex, it's super simple to put together, since they're stickers. The arms of the clock work with batteries; however, batteries aren't included in this.