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A couple and their four-year-old son, David, are out at the store Halloween shopping. David decides to venture through the toy aisle. As he is looking at the variety of toys, a young man approaches him.

"You see anything you like?" The man asks startling the boy, "Where are your parents Dave, dear?"

As he says this, David's mom turns down the aisle.

"Dave, Dear. Who are you?" she stops, "Oh, Hello." The man gives her an ominous smile.

"Hello, my dear."

"You seem very familiar. Where have I–"

"Where have you what?"

"You," Her voice catches in her throat, "How is that possible? You haven't aged a day."

"Me?" He smiles darkly.

"David, honey come here please!" She motions toward her son and rushes to find her husband.

"Come now," the man shouts after her, "I see no reason for running. Just give me the boy." His voice shakes her to the bone.

"Marcus? Marcus!" She calls through the store.

"Vicky? What's wrong?" He rushes to his wife and son.

"It's him!" She begins crying, "he's come for our son!"

"What? Who?"

The man appears at the end of the aisle. Marcus grabs his son tightly.

"No! You can't have him!" Vicky screams.

"Victoria, Who is this?"

"Tsss Tsss Tsss," the man comes closer, "You shouldn't have made a promise that you couldn't keep." Marcus realizes who the man that stands before him is.

The lights go out. A small screech echoes through the store. The lights come back on.

"David?!" The boy's parents scream.

"I told you. You can't run from me forever."


1997, (Flashback)

"Marcus! Marcus please wake up! Please!" Victoria sobs in the empty street, "Please my love, please wake up!" Blood puddles around her boyfriend's limp body.

"What have we here?" A low voice shakes the frigid air.

"W...who's there?" She grips onto her lifeless companion.

"I can bring him back," the voice swims through her ears.

"What?... H... how?" Her eyes flood with a waterfall of tears. A tall young man appears in front of her.

"W... where did you come from?" she shakes uncontrollably.

"Let's make a deal, shall we?" He kneels down in front her and grabs her pale hands.

"What... What kind of deal?" She pulls away from the strange man.

"I'll bring back your precious Marcus." She looks up at the man then down at her boyfriend.


"Under one circumstance." He stands up.

"Anything!" tears dance across her pale cheeks.

He laughs, "The day that you and Mr. Marcus here get married, you will decide to have a child. In 2006, a handsome baby boy will be born." Victoria smiles excitedly.

"We're going to get married?" She holds Marcus' hands in hers.

"I will take him, and I will be on my way." Her smile dies. She stands up and looks at the man.

"What? No!" She pleads. The man laughs.

"In 2013, you will have another child. A girl. She will grow to be smart and beautiful. She will marry. When the firstborn son arrives, I will take him and the cycle will continue until the end of time."

"No! You can't do that!" she cries.

"Fine. I will just have to let poor Marcus die." The man slowly walks away.

"W... wait," she stops him, "I... I want him back. Please. Anything."


"Yes. Anything."

"Are you sure?" He smiles viciously and kneels down beside her lover's corpse.

"Anything." She looks at the man with glass eyes and grips onto Marcus cautiously.

"You won't be able to run from me forever." The man's eyes turn violently red.


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