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Horror Where I Live

Will I Survive?

Annyeonghaseyo! Hi! Hello! My name is Halli (pronounced Hayleigh) and I just recently moved into my uncles house that he has had since 2004. Before I moved in my uncles ex-wife and her grandson lived here with her grandson's girlfriend. Now little did I know that something horrible had gone on here, now when I tell this I am not joking nor am I looking for laughs.

I moved in February of 2018, this place has been in my life since I was little girl. I've loved this place since my uncle bought it. The day we got into the house I noticed something was off, like something demonic took place. I've always lived in haunted houses it's pretty much been a knack that I could pick out houses that were haunted to the point people are attacked. I turned to the right as I walked into the front door seeing the far back bedroom door wide open with things sticking out making sure it never shut. I stood at the doorway and I could the negative energy inside just building the longer whatever is keeping this feeling here. I walked around the rest of the house realizing that it may only be this room that feels this way, so I just walked around feeling things out. Later that night after we got beds moved in and some clothes moved into the house, I went and slept in my moms bed due to the fact the room with the most negative energy was supposed to be MY room. I laid down in my mom's room relaxing after a long day of moving from one state to another I was almost instantly asleep. It was quiet, no sounds were happening except for my dad sleeping in the living-room since it was pretty much the coldest room in the house since the front door and back door were open. I was woken up at about 3:30 maybe 4 AM because I heard banging and talking, I sit up and look over seeing my mom was still in bed so that let me know my parents weren't fighting like they ALWAYS can do. I shrugged and rolled back over trying to fall back asleep. Then I felt it. I felt something or someone grab my legs, I jumped hard causing my mom to wake up asking me what was going on. I simply said I had a weird dream so I guess it caused me to jump. Which was a big fucking lie but knowing my mom who is all Christian and shit she wouldn't believe me. 

Lets fast forward shall we?

-Seven months later-

My room is now clean, I have my bed in my room with all of my things. My uncle came over in August and told me that the idiot who lived in my room played with Ouija boards. The color in my body completely drained quickly, I froze. I knew there was a reason why I felt the negative energy. Today is October 30. Last night October 29 I was laying down to go to sleep. October 30 is my day off from work, so I was able to stay up later than I usually can and get some writing and video games done. I turned on The Doors and laid there quietly listening to Val Kilmer singing Jim Morrison lyrics as I am dozing off. As I am dozing off I hear growling I presume it's from the movie so I let it go. As I am laying there I am pushed to the other side of my bed and bitten on my back. I let out a slight scream hoping no one would hear me as I got quiet once again I heard laughing and then someone lay in my bed. I've dealt with this demon before. He's frisky, sexual in more ways than I comfortable with. I can never remember his name but my girlfriend knows what it is since she's done more research than I ever have on this type of thing and the fact that she and I are both Wiccan I am getting attacked the closer it gets to Halloween. I have no idea where the Ouija Boards are if I could find them I'd close them and burn them.  

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Horror Where I Live
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