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I Believe Now, More Than Ever

A Paranormal Experience

Screenshot of the Ghost Radio

I am a big believer in the paranormal world, but I am also quick to call bull crap. That’s all until I experienced my very own paranormal activity which scared me, but made me believe in the other world so much more. One day while I was at work and on lunch, which is usually an hour long, I decided to eat in my car—which was parked at the highest level you can park. I do this because I try to sleep after I eat and I enjoy the peace as I don’t feel other cars coming and going. But instead of sleeping, I decided to watch one of my favorite paranormal YouTubers and she was explaining the experience she had while visiting a popular haunted hotel. As she went on about what happened she stopped to explain that she had used different ghost radios and even told us which one was used and liked the most. For some reason, I felt this excitement rush over me and yup, I downloaded one of the apps. 

A few days before this I had wanted to play on the Ouija board to contact my grandpa, but I never had the balls to even pick one up or know anyone who was crazy enough to join me either. No offense to those who have played with one but let’s be honest, we’re not totally sane to want to speak to the dead. Let alone knowing that it could possibly be a demon. Anyway, I downloaded the app and did not hesitate to begin. I had no experience with this but I watched TV shows and had some idea of what to expect in the best and worst situation. The first minute or two was just static and the screen chart seemed to be steady and calm. I grew impatient, which I have a problem with, and kind of yelled “hello.” Whoever was on the other side of the radio must have been offended that I yelled because right away the chart started going crazy and soon after the word “stool” appeared. I immediately freaked out and closed the app. It took me a second to process what had happened and for those of you who are lost let me explain. 

About a month or so, my boyfriend at the time's family had thrown out a medium sized stool which I picked up and put it in my vehicle because I figured I could use it as a prop for a project. Well, I had never taken the stool out of my trunk at this point. So here I am sitting in my passenger seat of my vehicle playing with this ghost radio and the first word I get after yelling at it is “stool”( which I have in my trunk). Let me just say, there is no visible way to see into my trunk from inside of my vehicle. Some may call this bull crap and that is okay but honestly, how can an app just guess that word to say without a little help from the paranormal side. 

For those who may be asking, I throw out the stool about a week later after I experienced a weird situation of someone walking fast toward me while trying to bring the stool into my apartment—but that’s another story. And of course, I did delete the app but from time to time I use it. Sometimes it’s a good session and others, not so much. Since then I haven’t had many paranormal experiences, but I have fallen more passionate about the paranormal world and learning and understanding it a little more.

The Stool That Was in My Car

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I Believe Now, More Than Ever
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