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I've Been Hearing Strange Noises Coming From My Basement and Things Have Just Been Getting Worse

It started with creaking, then footsteps and at this point I'm not sure what's going on.

Hi guys! My name's Aaron and for the last couple of years, I’ve been noticing strange noises coming from my basement and recently and well, things have been getting stranger. I wanted to post this here and maybe someone could give me an explanation of what’s going on.

They started off normal, every now and then I’d hear creaking noises from the basement (which is perfectly normal as my house is getting old). But as time went on, these creaking noises developed into what sounded like footsteps. Now, I’m very skeptical about ghost and paranormal things in general. I believe anything can be explained with logical thinking, so I thought it was the house settling and it was just the human mind playing tricks on me. It wasn’t until a couple months later when the sound of footsteps got even worse. One day after coming home from school, just as I took my shoes off, I heard the footsteps again but this time it sounded like they were coming from the same floor as me. Thinking it was my sister I called out to her but the only response I got was the sound of footsteps making their way back to the basement. My sister loves scaring the crap out of me, so I thought this was just another one of her dumb scare pranks. A bit scared, I started calling her out to her telling her I know she’s trying to scare me and that it wasn’t going to work. I listened intensely as I waited nervously waited for the sound of her moving around or a response, but I didn’t get one. The house was filled with nothing but silence and the sounds of my heavy breathing as I started getting more and more scared. As a last-ditch effort to get my sister to come out of her hiding spot, I took my phone out of my pocket and called her cell phone thinking I would hear her cell phone ring and exposing her hiding spot only to be shocked when I heard my sister picked up the phone and I heard the sound of traffic in the background. My heart sunk. I thought there was a robber or some sort of killer. The Sound of footsteps started again, and I immediately ran out my house and straight to my neighbors. I told them I forgot my keys at school and couldn’t get in my house and they let me stay until someone came home. Looking back, I’m not sure why I didn’t tell my neighbors or even my parents I heard someone in our house. My mother came home, gave me a disappointing laugh for forgetting my keys and having to bother the neighbors and brought me back to the house. Still curious and knowing my mother was in the house with me, I decided I would check the basement to see what was making the footstep sounds and to see if there was someone in the basement. I looked and looked and looked and found nothing! Every room, every possible finding spot, every window and there were no signs of anyone being here! I thought maybe the sounds weren’t coming from the basement and maybe they came from somewhere else in the house. I checked everywhere in my house and was shocked to still find nothing. My mom probably thought I was crazy for opening all the cabinets and closets throughout the house. Maybe I was. I started doubting myself and thought maybe I was just hearing things, or I was actually going crazy, but the footsteps sounded so, dam, real.

I’m gonna leave it here, for now, I gotta get back to doing my homework. I’ll be writing every so often though, don’t worry. The priest that felt the bad energy in the house, the shared nightmares I have with my sister’s boyfriend involving a rather creepy ghost girl, to the time my family came home to find that our furniture in the basement had been completely rearranged.

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I've Been Hearing Strange Noises Coming From My Basement and Things Have Just Been Getting Worse
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