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In the Darkness (Pt. 2)

Part 2

Claire would always remember the day she met the love of her life. It was sunny, warm and beautiful, and while she did prefer cloudy days... there was just something about that day in particular that was different. She fell in love with him the moment she met him. His smile, his beautiful blue eyes, everything about him just drew her in and she couldn't find her way back out. He was everything she ever wanted and needed in another human being, and it was perfect. Up until that day, she didn't really believe in soulmates or love at first sight, but in a matter of minutes she was proven wrong on all counts. He was her other half. She knew that without a doubt. Claire would never forget the warmth of the sun on her face, or the goosebumps when his hand took hers for the first time. It was magical.

So, in the darkness, she focused on that day and the way it made her feel. She tried to drown out the sounds above her. The way flesh being ripped from bone sounded— popping noises, wet and squishy. She didn't want to imagine what it looked like, so she focused on the sun, on his smile that she would never see again. From above, the sounds of hungry animals devouring her heart faded into silence, but she knew she was not alone yet. Slowly, hesitantly she opened her eyes to peer up at the mouth of the hole that might have saved her life. From above, it stared down at her with something between it's fleshy, blood stained teeth, outlined by the light of the full moon above. She could just barely make out the way it stared down at her and she was certain she saw a smile in it's yellow eyes. A look that a normal animal wouldn't think to have, wouldn't have the ability to know what it just did but this? This did. 

It snarled at her, throaty and terrifying, then let whatever hung from it's mouth go. Claire twisted away, lifting her arms to protect her face as it dropped and hit the ground beside her. The creature above didn't leave, it lingered and watched as she slowly rolled back again, shaky hands struggling to get the flashlight to turn on. She didn't want to look, but even still, she turned the soft beam of light to her left and it settled on familiar blue eyes. They were wide with fear and pain, mouth hanging slightly open and his pale skin was covered with blood and bits of flesh. His handsome face twisted up and froze in a look that surpassed any level of fear someone could imagine. 

She jerked herself away from his head, flashlight rolling out of her hands as she reached up to stifle a sob. From above something laughed or growled or.. both.. she didn't know or care at the moment. Claire couldn't take her eyes off of him, of her love, her heart and soul. Her everything. His eyes, once so full of life and love, were just empty as they stared back at her. She would never see them light up again when she walked into a room, never see the way he looked at her when he told her he loved her. All of that was gone now.  

In the dark, she lost herself to her tears, deep sobs that shook her to the very core and made every bruise and broken bone scream out in pain. She didn't listen, didn't care. What was the point of going on, if the only thing in your life that mattered was dead?

To be continued..

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In the Darkness (Pt. 2)
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