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Kidnapped by Killers

Chapter 1

The Home of The Killers.

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      It was a cold November night and The Maestraums had just settled in for a peaceful night's rest. Everything was quiet, say for a few creaks and squeaks from the old house—but the Maestraums had gotten used to that. Their house had always been rather noisy, to say the least. The couple slept almost too soundly, completely unaware of the presence just outside of their room.

      Two hooded figures silently crept from the jimmied window in the living room to the stairs. One wore a white hoodie while the other a pitch black hoodie that zipped all the way up covering his face—an unnerving, jagged grin stitched in where his mouth would be and two circular, red see-through mesh eyeholes. Swiftly and silently they climbed the steps and headed down the hall to the master bedroom. They opened the door just a hairbreadth in order to see.

      The white-hooded male nodded to his black-hooded male partner and the two entered the room as the floorboards shifted and creaked under their weight. Luckily enough the couple didn't so much as stir from their sleep as movements gave rise to groans and squeaks that emitted from the rickety wood. As they neared the bedside, the two could feel their mouths watering and adrenaline pumping through their veins.

      They were so ready for this kill. The stillness of the room as the unsuspecting couple lay there, taking the breaths that would soon be their last, the killers took in this very moment. The guy in the white hoodie pulled out a small dagger as the guy in the black hoodie pulled out his scalpel, ropes, and duct tape. You see, the black-hooded man hated unnecessary work. If his victims could fight back it was too much of a bother to him. The man in white, however, enjoyed the thrill of a fight. It gave him a sense of empowerment to feel his victims slowly lose all fight and slowly begin to quake in fear.

      Knowing each other's killing preference the white-hooded figure waited until the man in black had carefully restrained the man and taped his mouth shut. It wasn't until the tape was placed on the man's mouth that he awoke. His breathing picked up as he stared into the red-mesh eyes that were only inches from his face. He tried thrashing free but much to his dismay his ankles and wrists were bound to the bed frame. He peered past the black-hooded figure only to see a white-hooded man making his way to his now stirring wife.

      He began thrashing even harder as his wife fully awakens in terror as the other man pounced on top of her. He shuts his eyes as his wife releases a piercing scream of sheer terror.

      "Uh uh uh..." A gruff, low voice growled out, "What's the fun of not watching the beauty of my partner's handiwork?"

      The man let out a deep, maniacal chuckle as he took his scalpel to the thin skin of the man's eyelid and began to slice it away. The husband's cries and screams were muffled under the duct tape. Thick red blood oozed from the sliced skin mixing with fresh tears that poured from his now unobscured tear ducts. Giving a slight smirk underneath his hood, he nods, "Now that's better...Look at it!"

      The man stares in utter horror as his wife begins to quake under the man. Her body's shaking grows increasingly more violent with each and every stab inflicted on her. His pattern unchanging: She fights, he plunges the knife into her flesh, he jostles it around, she spasms, he pulls it out and then repeats the notions. Her blood began to pool around the both of them as the man freaks out from the sudden contact with the warm, metallic-scented liquid.

      Her husband stares in utter defeat as he is powerless in saving his wife. Her screams became weaker and soon became quiet. His cries and pleas still heavily muffled as the man in the blood-stained white hoodie rips into her corpse spilling the organs onto the bed and onto the husband. The husband's mouth is instantly filled with bile that begins to choke him. The black-hooded man rips the duct tape from his victim's mouth and stops the man from drowning in his own vomit.

      The husband lets out a heart-wrenching scream—releasing all of the pain and anguish he felt from losing his wife. By now he's lost all fight he's had in him.

       That is...Until the man-in-black's psychotic laughter chilled him to the bone as the man laughed out, "Now it's time for our fun to begin!"

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Kidnapped by Killers
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