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La Marche Des Morts: 'The Walking Dead' Creators Tease The Show Moving To Europe

Sacrebleu, could AMC's The Walking Dead really be preparing to take us on a continental adventure?

'28 Days Later' [Credit: Fox]

Sacrebleu, could AMC's The Walking Dead really be preparing to take us on a continental adventure? Consistently beating the competition in the big ratings race, Robert Kirkman's zombie apocalypse shows no signs of losing its appetite for undead flesh and disposable cast members. With jokes of 20 seasons coming our way, fans are likely looking to the future of the franchise, even as we prepare to enter Season 8.

A Whole New World

Get applying for your visa, because showrunner #ScottGimple has teased a trip overseas to keep the rotting corpse of a show feeling fresh. Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con, Gimple was asked whether we will ever get to see a group of survivors in a different country:

"I would say it is entirely possible that that could happen. I'm going to continue to give a long, ambiguous answer on that, but I would say it's something… I'd say it's something."

Kirman himself then piped in and said, "Look for The Walking Dead Sweden, coming in 2019!"

Sure, The Walking Dead may only be around the 115th issue mark of the comic books, and Gimple has promised they will never overtake the source material, but there are big questions of where we could go next. Not that we are sick of trawling around the backroads of Atlanta, but a trip to a different country could offer (quite literally) a whole new world of possibilities.

Despite Kirkman winding the comics toward some sort of end, the idea of a worldwide pandemic is definitely one that should be explored further. We have already seen Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's 28 Weeks Later tease a possible sequel in Paris, but the series stopped short of a trilogy. Elsewhere, the Resident Evil movies were a globetrotting zombie romp, and Marc Foster's World War Z was a veritable Around the World in 80 Days.

As for The Walking Dead, the pieces have been in place since its very inception. It may have been during the short-lived Frank Darabont era of the show, but the survivors' trip to the CDC had Dr. Jenner reveal that the virus had already gone global. Also, the comic books have already tried this idea to some effect — short story The Alien focused on Rick's brother Jeffrey Grimes and his troubles in Barcelona.

Pack your bags.

The big question is though, how would other countries fit into the overarching story of TWD? A random tangent to a new locale would look a little out of place unless it was part of some major storyline. Personally, I can't see Rick and co. hopping on a plane for a sight-seeing trip to London, but a group of survivors in the UK capital could introduce some interesting crossovers.

The other possibility is that we get another Fear the Walking Dead situation. We have already seen the prequel to the main show play catch up to its bigger brother, and it isn't hard to imagine AMC planning a European spin-off. Elsewhere, we saw the miniseries Flight 462 introduce characters into Fear, so a similar formula could work for The Walking Dead. Either way, there is still a long way to go before we will be packing our cases for a European expedition, but just in case Kirkman and co. decide to take us on a summer holiday, fans had better make sure they keep their passports up to date.

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La Marche Des Morts: 'The Walking Dead' Creators Tease The Show Moving To Europe
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