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Emily Dheel29 minutes ago
After Dusk
Night had fallen. In the vast fields of grain, something began to stir. Wolves could be heard howling in the distance. All of the townsfolk were already tucked away inside their homes. Quiet enveloped...
Annie Kapur3 hours ago
A Filmmaker's Guide to 'Final Destination 3'
(Note: this article will contain analysis on the film Final Destination 3 and in order to get the best insight into the article, it is recommended that you watch the entire film at least once). The ab...
Lena Bailey4 hours ago
Dear David 8
Please click on my name to read the rest of this story, if you haven't already. This is the end of the story until I post an article about if it's a hoax or not. January 2, 2018 When he was home in Mo...
Annie Kapur4 hours ago
A Filmmaker's Guide to the American Gothic Genre
The American Gothic needs to be understood in the following ways: What it is The Sub-Genres Examples The most important thing is to note that you cannot understand the American Gothic by simply watchi...
Reed Alexander4 hours ago
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Maggie' (2015)
You know what? I'm actually pretty impressed that Arnie didn't completely faff this movie up. He actually did an unexpectedly good job. Unfortunately, that's where my appreciation for this movie ends....
Michelle Werbeck7 hours ago
A Good Book
The snow was falling outside the window of the old bookstore. You could tell the store was old from the mold in every corner and the smell of cats. As I sifted through each bookshelf, I could tell mos...
Alexandra F9 hours ago
Mon Ange (My Angel)
I was one of Louis XVI’s (sez) many black dot assassins. One wouldn’t suspect a woman, so it was easier to go through the city unnoticed, even without being on the arm of a man. I wore my hair differe...
Lena Bailey10 hours ago
Cursed/Haunted Objects
So I did an article about whether or not things can be possessed and I fell down a weird hole. It's interesting on what can happen if things are cursed or haunted. So let's get into what is said to ha...
Melody Humby10 hours ago
“An engineer!” Eli shouted. Trying to have a conversation was impossible in a club when the music was so loud he could feel it ringing in his ears. Not that it mattered anyway, she wasn’t really payin...