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Living with the Dead

My Personal Experience with the Dead

Hello everyone, this is my first time joining the world of writing and I'm quite excited.  I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to write about when I decided it should be something a lot of people are interested in yet not many believe in.  So these are my personal experiences with the dead, take it as you will I just wanted to get it out there and maybe compare with others.  

Starting back from the beginning, as a young child I was always different,  I was the weird kid who sat alone and had very few friends. Always the outcast of my family, I knew I could see the dead by the time I was seven years old.  My first encounter with a ghost was in a house my family decided to remodel, this house was ironically located right next to a cemetery so I was naturally right at home in this house. Now the house itself was not the nicest, it was old and rundown and needed a lot of work, but nonetheless we stayed and worked on it for a long time.  One day it was just my mother and I in the house, she was painting the walls in a bedroom located in the back of the house and I, being the curious kid I was, decided to explore the closets in the house.  Now the previous owners had obviously left this residence in a hurry due to the fact a lot of their belongings still resided inside, so I was going closet to closet looking for neat trinkets to collect.  I was in a closet down the hall from my mother, I'd assumed it was a coat closet, it was very large, you could walk inside and it had little benches built in the walls to sit and take your shoes off.  The light string hung low enough for me to reach so I had decided this closet was going to be my new hideout.  Now in this closet, strewn all over the floor were old books, writings, and little doodles that, as of then, I had no idea what they were.  So I just sat in my new closet hideaway, reading through these neat books I had found, they had all kinds of weird symbols, and words that I had never seen before. I was so mesmerized by these books that I had to have spent a good thirty minutes just tucked away in this closet.  Now naturally, my mother was wondering where her curious child ended up and began to call out for me, but I, tucked away with my new books, did not hear her.  So she, to this day, tells me she began searching for me, growing more frantic with every room she checked, I heard nothing, I did not hear my name being called, I did not hear her footsteps as she ran through the house, I heard none of it.  My mother tells me she went outside and began yelling for me, now at this moment while she is outside and I am still sitting in the closet reading, the lights in the closet began to flicker, I, in my young seven-year-old mind begin to worry as to why the lights aren't working right anymore.  Today, in my grown up mind, I could rationalize it as being an old house with faulty wiring had I not been there and experienced it myself.  The lights flickered on, and then they flickered out and stayed out so here I am sitting in a dark closet in an unfamiliar house and no idea where my mother is I begin to cry.  As I'm crying and trying to gain the courage to move I hear a rustling noise next to me, and I assume that it is an animal in the closet with me, that is until I hear a low voice whisper to me saying it was my new friend and was going to stay with me forever.  And with this voice it brought a strange sense of comfort and peace to me and I felt safe. My mother finally found me as the closet door burst open and light from the outside shined in on me, my mother wraps me in a hug scolding me for not answering her but all I can think of is my new friend. As my mother holds me in her arms I see a tall, black figure standing behind her and I felt the same feelings of peace and safety and I smile because I know my new friend will be there with me for a very long time.  My family decided the house was not going to work out,  and to this day I don't know why my parents no longer wanted it, I've always just assumed it had something to do with the closet and the books my parents found in there, they explained to me that those books were evil and that I was going to start going to church with my father. As I got older though I realized my friend from that house was still here and I was glad. 

Thank you so much for reading this, these are all true and real experiences from my life, if you choose to believe them or not is up to you, the reader, but I do genuinely hope you enjoyed reading.  I'll have more coming up, based on more experiences as I grew up.  Hope you enjoy!

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Living with the Dead
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