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Meeting With a Princess

Halloween Short Story

I used to think that vampires were just blood-sucking demons, in stories and fairytales, but they are far, far more.

My story begins with my family, we were an influential family, in both a socialite, and underworld sense. We thought we were untouchable, we were, after all, at the pinnacle of power, respected, and feared. However, we met far more than our match in one "business venture." Our very last.

We found that us humans, are not the dominant species on Earth, not in the slightest, and that our own power too, was all an illusion, we are far, far weaker than we once thought.

Vampires rule this world, and have done so for a long time, they control and manipulate humans as a lesser species, from the shadows, and keep other "species" too, as pets, and slaves. 

Extra-terrestrial species HAVE visited Earth, believing that we humans were dominant, and thinking that we were an easy target, they struck. They came unstuck, and met our secret overlords. Those "Aliens" that were caught are now kept, as loyal servants, or slaves some might say, those that were not so lucky, lay strewn in every corner of the planet, a reminder, so that our Lords can have a little giggle to themselves when they notice a small piece of an old enemy, and as a warning, to any person that can recognise what they are seeing, that they are not to be crossed. Have you ever heard of the Montauk Monster?

They do respect us, we sired them after all, and we are needed, well, our blood is needed, for their survival, but I think some see us more as cattle, livestock, to be slain at their discretion.

But who I met, in my arrogance of thinking I was untouchable, was, well, they're Princess, I guess you could say, who firmly put me in my place as nothing more than a prey item, game for when I am no longer of use.

The deal was for diamonds, beautiful, chocolate diamonds, very valuable and indeed a statement of wealth, my plan was to use my influence to get more money than had been agreed, for less. I took a few extra men with me, a couple more large flunkies than my clients were expecting. Little did I know who I was dealing with... 

Kasrina, daughter of Angelus, and Cleopatra, yes, Cleopatra the lost Egyptian Pharoah, have you never wondered why nobody has ever discovered her tomb? I know not where or when Lord Angelus originates, only that he is most Ancient, they say he is older than the Kingdom of Atlantis itself. They are their Leaders, their King and Queen if you will, the very top of the hierarchy.

Lady Kasrina was extraordinary, beautiful, entrancing, bewitching, her glance, was hypnotic, flaming locks of auburn hair, ivory skin, and eyes of emerald green, you could call her, Jolene, and be rather accurate, but her mesmerising allure came bound with a tainted hint of darkness, her emerald glare could pierce your soul like a katana, and her heavenly voice, was although like that of an angel, somehow equally demonic in nature, like a siren luring you to an untimely grave. And her teeth, oh, her teeth, thorns encompassed in lips like the petals of the most exquisite of roses.

We didn't stand a chance.

My family were very firmly pounded into place, physically as well as metaphorically, and we were indeed gravely punished for challenging them. We were set upon by alien creatures, with claws like that of a velociraptor and teeth like Japanese kodachi, and what seemed to be werewolves, half man, half, beast, and the most ferocious of beasts at that, plus two other, monstrosities, that I know not the identity of, all I know is that they were most definitely not of God's design. We were obliterated, although the raw might that Lady Kasrina alone possessed would have been enough to annihilate us, her power was immense, to be honest, I think the only reason she used her pets to destroy us with was to demonstrate to us her absolute authority.

We were left in a state that we could not climb back from, a pit that reached the depths of Hell, she took everything, left us bankrupt, homeless, broken and humiliated. Our power, gone, our influence, extinct, our reputation in tatters... My life? Decimated.

There is no way back for me, I am but another pet at her disposal now, a plaything ready to be used as game when she gets bored of me and decides that that is the only use I have left.

The moral of my story is; if you are human, KNOW, YOUR, PLACE, don't believe a thing you're told about the natural world, and don't become arrogant and believe any illusion of power or influence you think you may have, because the chances are, it is a lie.

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Meeting With a Princess
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