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Midnight Kiss

Chapter One

Chapter One: A Night to Remember

Chapter One: A Night to Remember

The air was cool and crisp as I stepped out into the night, the door creaking closed quietly behind me. Tonight’s nightmare was even worse than the last. This time I was unable to shake the feeling that this had indeed been a distant memory from my childhood, one that my mind seemed desperate to erase. It was so vivid, so…REAL.

'I sobbed quietly in the dark, my knees pulled tight to my chest. The footsteps thudded on the floor in the hallway, closing in on my position and fast. I wriggled my back against the back wall of the closet, pushing as hard as I could, wishing I could just disappear, maybe become part of the wall to which I so feverishly clung. I knew he was mad. I knew that this time, he was out for blood. There was no yelling just thudding and silent swears as this entity searched every room and crevice for me. He had been drinking again and had hit my sister, no one hits my sister. I only wanted to protect her and that was a goal that was rather easily accomplished by one swift kick in his not so sweet spot. Unfortunately, that turned his wrath to me. I heard the footsteps quicken towards me and as I sucked in a breath, the doorknob turned and the door swung open revealing the man I hoped would never find me, or at least would pass out before doing so. He grabbed a fistful of my hair with a growl, yanking me to my feet. “You want to woman up to me? We’re going to see just how womanly you are!” I kicked and screamed wriggling against his hold as he dragged me down the hallway to the red door of my demise. Behind that door all manner of torture was possible. The door banged shut behind us as he slung me onto the bed and climbed on top of me, straddling my hips as he delivered the first blow across my right cheek. My head began to feel as if it would split down the middle and the right side of my face was alight with a thousand burning coals. A cool wetness began to slide down my face and it was then that I realized I was already bleeding. “I’ll teach you to kick me you bitch!” He roared as he delivered another blow to my ribs causing me to gasp for air. This went on for several moments, punch after punch landing either across my face or into my torso, I swore that he aimed to kill me. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at me with a gaze I had never seen before. “Let’s see if this still works, shall we?” He asked tugging at his belt before ripping my pajama shorts to shreds and forcing my legs apart.'

That was when I woke, a cold sweat dripping from my face and drowning my sheets and t-shirt in perspiration. My father was a cruel bastard indeed, but until tonight I never knew just how bad it had been for us kids. My memories from the abuse came in bits and pieces and through awful horrible nightmares. My sister seemed to be rather unaffected. I, however, seemed to be oh so lucky enough to relive every single moment of my father’s demented torment. I never wanted this. I never wanted to be afraid to let another man caress my skin or whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I never wanted to flinch with every sudden movement I caught out of the corner of my eye. I NEVER wanted to be a victim. The wind picked up a bit, swirling cold air and leaves in spirals around my feet. My body shuddered against the fall air, goosebumps rising on my porcelain skin. Flashes of the dream played through my head and I decided that would be the perfect time to take a walk to clear my head. Leaves crunched beneath my shoes as I lost myself in thought. Remember Anna, it can always be worse. My mother’s voice played in my head reminding me of the completely useless and unhelpful phrase that was somehow supposed to make me feel better about anything that happened to me. Apparently, she had no idea about just how bad it had gotten or she wouldn’t have said such things to me. A loud bang rang out from my left causing me to whip my head in that direction on impulse. The hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood on end. Something was wrong. Rustling followed and my eyes ran frantic across the scene in front of me, trying to spot what exactly it was that was making such a ruckus at this time of night. My gaze then fell upon a shadowy figure, tall and lean with glowing red eyes. That wasn’t possible. Eyes can’t glow red especially not on anything human. The figure shuffled towards me causing me to startle and fall backward, catching myself with my palms. The creature hissed and ran forward, lunging at me with outstretched claws. I flung my arms over my face and waited for the impending attack. Here I am, victim again. I thought to myself as I felt the creature’s claws dig into my arms and its hot breath swept my face, a rotten, rank, smell of decay and cigarettes filled my nose. The creature threw its head back, mouth wide open to expose two long…FANGS!!!! “No!!!!!” I screamed loudly and pushed at the being with all my might. The figure flew back with a growl of shock.

I looked from him to my hands, blinking in surprise. He rose back to his feet and as he did his features became more visible. He was disheveled and dirty, a long scar stretching from the top of his right brow to his open jaw, which only made him look that much more fearsome. A look of anger crossed his face and he snarled, charging me again. I steeled myself and a newfound determination ignited within me. As he neared closer, I raised a hand to chest level, feeling a tingling electricity flow through me and words formed upon my tongue flowing from my heart with ease. “Veratose te neive.” A column of fire quickly consumed the creature, screams of anguish escaping his throat as he was scorched and began to turn to ash. The smell of burnt hair and flesh filled my nostrils making my stomach turn. When the thing had finally been reduced to a pile of ash, I dropped to my knees, adrenaline and shock fueling my mind and causing my heart to pound in my ears. What had just happened? Did I just destroy a demonic being with…Magic? The more it ran through my head the more insane the whole thing became. This wasn’t possible. There’s no such things as demons or Magic. So…what had just taken place? Nothing was certain other than the fact that tonight was going to be a night I would never forget.