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My Favorite Urban Legend

Here's Just One of a Few of My Favorite Urban Legends

October 14, 2018

The Phantom’s Legend

Everyone knows the story of The Phantom of Opera by author Gaston Leroux. And all the films that come with the same name, as well as the popular stage show. But did you know? That The Phantom and Christine were based on real people of the time period. Christine was based on a Swedish Opera Singer named Christina Jonasdotter (Nilsson). Christina was born in Småland, Sweden on August 20, 1843. Christina was taught to play the violin by her brother. 

Which this made her money and soon gave her the chance to have her lessons later on, in Paris, she was discovered for her talents on accident, much like in the play and movies, She was soon famous and gives herself the stage name Christina Nilsson, in the 1860’s she became very famous and known for her incredible range in vocals, as well her impeccable beauty, As for The Phantom's inspiration it is very true to the story as well. 

He was born in Normandy, Near a town called Rouen. He was born disfigured, because of a skin condition called PCT. When Eric turned eight years old his parents abandoned him. Soon after a circus took him, used him as an attraction for seven years! He then escaped to Persia and worked as an entertainer for the Shah people. Later, he worked as an architect’s assistant, he designed and built several Harems. Which made him better understand Architectural design, Now content he returned to Paris, France Eric was so fascinated by the Opera House’s construction, he was signed as one of the new contractors to build the new Opera House, He had many 12 hour days until it was completed. He was no longer that child he once was, he was now a man, who made himself enough money to care for himself and now is wears tailored suits and a mask to cover his deformity. And much like the story as everyone knows, Eric has fallen in love with Christina which was Leroux inspiration for the story we all know and love. 

Much like the story, Eric falls for Christina and after one of the performances, he kidnaps her in his hopes that she would fall for him as well. Unfortunately, she rejected him and escaped him and she was found three weeks later and shortly after that, she left Paris. Which made Eric fall into a heartbroken depressed state, which soon after he went to his apartment entered and it was said that he died of starvation, poor thing that just breaks my heart, even more so when I first saw the film, I cried so hard feeling so remorse and sadness for Eric, this is why this story and legend is my favorite, not because of the drama just the poor man who couldn’t find love for his own. I think the story itself is just so fascinating. And tears at my heartstrings every time I watch it. And listening to the music and hearing the lyrics also, gets me teary-eyed, and singing the lyrics in the end scene also is very emotional. 

I know this may be weird but when I was younger, I would watch the movie in my bedroom and or listen to the music, I would pretend I was Christine and I was with The Phantom and would sing for him and I would pretend that every weekend I had a singing lesson with him. And I would sing obviously to thin air, but I’d pretend it was The Phantom I had a very active imagination, I still do. I will also write an Erik Inspired story after this is published. 

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My Favorite Urban Legend
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