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My Zombie Plan – Plan 2

Living with My Girlfriend

Living with my Girlfriend across the town from where my first Zombie Plan was... planned, leaves me having to find another plan for what I would do, were there any Walking Dead around.

We live on top of a hilly area, slight advantage for us, even if it's infinitesimal that they'd be slowed down by an uphill shamble. Also has a disadvantage, as, if we had to make runs, which we will when we go to the nearby Grocery Store, that we'd be running uphill just to get back to safety–a tiring and trying act every time.

Weapons is a tough one here, her dad has a lot of tools, like a lot that can be used as weapons for Zombie head smashing, but will it be enough, is always the question? Almost always the answer is, no, stuff breaks, you lose stuff, or it just isn't killing them just right, and it's taking too long to do so. I know of maybe around two Mom & Pop shops around that also have food, and some possible weaponry.

There were whispering's of a neighbor in the area that would have guns; a hunter, and another enthusiast who just kind of believes we should all have some. So if we managed to get those guns... it could work. I think that in this scenario, I'm WAY more worried about the Human Interaction aspect, as everyone up here is older, and less likely to go for help, I know them–they're stubborn people, so someone might get bitten, not tell people and then kill us in our sleep... bastards.

Also way more likely, as they wouldn't take me as their leader, which is hard, but I can give up the role if the person who does take it up is competent, and doesn't make stupid calls like, "We have to save them!" while surrounded by the Undead.


They won't know how to handle other survivor groups, taking us either into a needless firefight, or giving up resources to people we can clearly outsmart, or take out just as easily.

I'm not going to say that a Zombie Apocalypse is a, "Young Man's Game," but I'll definitely think it, as I beat an old nefarious counter-group leader with the butt of a gun before he kills my family. I just happen to be of the thinking that they have their uses, but the grown-ups are scared and worried about EVERYONE's survival, making the fact that they're too emotionally invested a bit of a crutch. I'm also not completely heartless, it just pays to not connect yourself too heavily with someone you might have to shoot through the eye socket in a day or two, should they succumb to the sickness, or get infested or bitten, or have a sudden heart attack or brain aneurysm.

This plan is one where I am with my girlfriend, her dad, MOST LIKELY their cat (because they love that guy), and a few of our older neighbors. Their younger families might come to find them to make sure they're safe, and we'd be stuck doling out food and weapons a bit too much, spreading our butter too thin as it were, but I try to think as best I can about what we'd have to do. Obviously, a team of gatherers is needed, faster and more stamina-friendly individuals who can run up and down hills are always good.

Keep in mind, we all have cars, I know that that's good to have, but one day it won't be enough, and the tanks all either run out, or dry up, then what? Runner Group.

Defendable locations around here are tough though, all the houses have basement windows to crawl into, ours, in particular, has barred windows, but not everyone could fit in here and survive very well, so a location big enough to house MAYBE 12 people is needed. One place comes to mind, and it'd kind of be really cool.

Our local TV & Radio station, a place where we can receive and send signals to TV's, and possible military connections, to receive and send messages about survival and such.

The start of something secure and possible, our arrival at the TV & Radio station will possibly mean the survival of our City... we could really bring about a good change to the Zombie Apocalypse if we make it there. Damn.

Next time I'll tell you about my MALL PLAN... a classic. 

Monty Shaw
Monty Shaw

Aspiring to Inspire, One day I hope to be that thought of "What If" for a young writer. 

"What if" to me was my first take on creative writing. 

"What if people could control RED" (Fire - based on an old MS Paint picture I made)

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My Zombie Plan – Plan 2
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