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Netflix Binge


I love scary movies. There is no sugar coating it. For those who agree with me, we all know there are levels to this. From horror, suspense, thriller, hack and slash, gore, and all of the sub-genres that fall in between. Since I am now home almost all of the time, I have the luxury of Netflix, and there's nothing better than watching scary movies all day (at least until RE2 Remake comes out). More times than not, I find a really whack scary movie, and I become so upset that I search out my ramen cabinet to compensate for disappointment. Now, with that being said, I HAVE found some fright films that I would like to share with you because if I am going to be honest with myself, my Halloween is everyday. 😊

Here are a few flicks to get your heart pumping:

'The Promise'

Set during the 1997 financial crisis in the country of Thailand, two teenagers make a suicide pact to save themselves from their families.

This movie surpassed my expectations. I'm talking valued jump scares, plenty of suspense, and creepy scenes worthy of high blood pressure. This is a very well-produced movie and I cannot stress that enough. The plot is so thick that I am thinking it deserves more than this mention. If this is what Thailand is dropping into theatres, then I need to be paying better attention. This one is easily one for my top five.

P.S. I did find out a bit about the actual tower (yes, it is real). Supposedly, MANY of the towers were not finished and are claimed to be haunted... oooo... substance.

'Under the Shadow'

Finding shelter in a basement is not a good time.

A mother and daughter remain in the middle of a crisis when a dud bomb lands into their building.

So, I have come across a pattern of comparisons to The Babadook, but I have to disagree with those critics. This movie has a very different feel. If you want to compare the drawn out fear, so be it, but facing them "head to head" is not giving either a chance. I don't want to say much because it's worth the watch, but I am going to try to influence you to watch this. Let me explain.

The 1980s brought us the Computer Era, Run DMC's "Walk This Way," and  also the many faces of War. I mention this quick tidbit of history because Under the Shadow is a late 80s retro plot set during the war of the cities in Tehran. As a single mom myself, I tend to lean towards vulnerable women in this genre (I love Babadook).

You see, I don't know what is scarier: The situation in which she finds herself in or the fact that Tehran cultural norms of oppressing women create an almost impossible situation for her. This is cringe-worthy for anybody who understands what it feels like to be subjected to another person's power/will or religion.

'The Autopsy of Jane Doe'

A mortician and his son try to unravel the mysteries behind an unidentified woman and her wounds.

I can easily sit through a horror movie (sub-genres and the likes), as well as the videos games that come with that territory. This damn movie, though, (I "damn" it with all the respect it deserves) made me cringe and wince the whole way through, knowing that this was not going to end well at all. It's a non-stop thriller that takes you by the pants of your seat and throws you into mayhem.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe has affected me so much that I'm inspired to even create a horror movie gauntlet for readers like you!


DO NOT play with a Quija board. Number one rule of life, right? Not for Veronica and her friends. Tsk tsk.

Did it live up to the hype? Not really, but it is definitely worth the watch because of how fast everything spirals out of control for Veronica. Although I can't say this is the best I've seen, I have to admit that the desperation of our protagonist is well believed. Maybe next time the creators should jump into the "found film" sub-genre.


I have to warn you, there are subtitles involved in three of these movies, but the value of the visuals are stunning. Each one of the films has a way of bringing all the icky things to life, and it is NOT pretty... in a sense.

I guess what I mean is to expect yourself jumping a foot from your bed for your midnight pee run because shit gets downright real in every one of these films. I will be touching on this genre A LOT and I hope to find films for enthusiasts that enjoy a good scare now and then.

Now turn down the light, snuggle in your covers, and turn on Netflix for an enjoyable evening alone with your ghosts...