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Netflix Thriller Gems

And Maybe Horror Vol. 1

Picture by Awesome Jelly

2018 did not disappoint me with its horror movies. Movies like Winchester, Annihilation, Insidious, and The Quiet Place are not lacking in the jump department and give quite a thrill for those with strong imaginations. I am most excited about the upcoming films like the Halloween reboot and The Nun ( I have yet to mosey over to my local cinema). As of lately, I have been binging on Netflix to find its hidden gems and I of course landed right into Halloween heaven. I made my way from the genres of horror and thriller and have found some creepy AF movies that will make any Scary Movie Buff proud to watch.

1. 'The Boy'

Lauren Cohan as Greta Evans in The Boy

An American (Lauren Cohen of AMC's The Walking Dead) leaves her life of familiarity and becomes a nanny for the Heelshire family in England. Upon arrival, she learns her caregiving job is to be directed towards a freakish doll. Finding it to be a complete joke, she disregards the rules of its mother (Mrs. Heelshire) and places herself in a high tense situation.

Nothing is creepier than dolls or children in a horror movie but put the two together and it seems a recipe for a huge "WTF." Nothing could have surprised me more than the ending. 

2. 'The Babadook'

Noah Wiseman as Samuel in The Babadook

Widowed Amelia (Essie Davis of Assasin's Creed 2016) is dealt a heavy hand in life. Little Samuel tends to be high-maintenance and a bit of a mess. Reading a book left on their doorstep creates a fright no good mother would dare induce unto her child. 

The Babadook does not have the basic cheap Jump-scares many movies have the pleasure of exhausting. The Babadook begins a bit slow but makes up in tension greatly worth every spine tingle. I have seen some very scary movies and I gladly place this in my "Favorite scary movies" list.

3. 'Hush'

Intruder from Hush

Deaf author Maddie proves how vulnerable she can be within the first 20 minutes of the film. Maddie must fight for her life in a cabin far from society while taunted by a masked intruder.

I came across this movie once before. I couldn't get over the thumbnail and the description. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed this movie very much and I do recommend it for movie night with friends. The silence in Hush is deafening. You may become warier when your surroundings are quietened. 

**These are three of many gems I have mined for us Thriller Junkies. I will be adding more articles aiming for this genre. Please let me know what you think of these movies and I hope you enjoy them like I did.

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Netflix Thriller Gems
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