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Princess the Doll

Scary Story

I was staying at Nanny and Grandad's house. I was there with my sister Ros; we always stayed in a room together. Our beds faced each other and were on the left side of the room. On the right side, there was darkness. You could only just see a shelving unit covered in dolls; they looked like Mickey Mouse with elongated ears. There were other dolls there too. They were pandas.

Right next to both of our beds were bedside cabinets. The beds were really close to the ground. These cabinets were as short as the beds and had glass doors on them. Next to that on both sides was a door. Through my door was an office. This door for some reason had a baby gate on it as well, which was strange. On the desk chair always sat this doll. She is porcelain, long and thin. She wears a long white frilly flowing dress, she holds a parasol which is made of white lace, and she wears a hat which is also white and lacy. She is faded; before this, she would have had colour on her. I hate the way she looks. She stares into my soul and she sends chills down my spine.

The door on Ros' side of the room led to Nanny and Grandad's room. This meant it was quick to get to. In Ros's bedside cabinet was a doll called Princess. She was one of those dolls who looked like Mickey Mouse with elongated ears, except she had a dress on. On the ceiling was a fan. We never switched this on really because it made an annoying noise.

Before we went to bed, I said, "I refuse to sleep here unless that doll in the office is removed and the door is shut!" So Nanny took the doll and put it in her room.

We just went to sleep, not expecting the next events to happen.

I woke up in the middle of the night really needing to pee. The problem was, I had to go through the office to get to the toilet. I didn't care whether that doll was in it or not, it was still creepy as heck! When I tell you that I ran, I ran! So I went to the toilet. Nothing really happened.

I ran back to the room, and got into bed, my heart beating. Then I noticed that Ros was awake. Then I looked around. All the dolls were scattered across the room. I said, "When we get home, we should start a YouTube channel discussing these events. We would make millions," and she agreed. Suddenly, Ros' bedside cabinet door popped open and Princess stuck her head out and turned to look at Ros.

Meanwhile, the door of the office kept popping open and I kept closing it. I this point I was terrified! I couldn't deal with this, it was too much. Then Ros started to tell me a story. "Every time I sleep at this house, Princess does this. I'm fed up with it! She is the creepiest doll on the planet! One time I was drawn to the dishwasher for some reason, I have no idea why. But when I opened it, guess who was in there? Fricking Princess!" Everything on me got chills. Suddenly, the door to the office swung open crashed into the wall. Then the baby gate swung across and locked!

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH" I yelled. Then we tried to scream to get our grandparents' attention. But it just came out as a squeak.

I woke up, chills covered my body. I was shaken and stirred! I was in my own bed in my own house. It was just a dream... It was just a dream. I didn't get any sleep after that.

I just don't understand why I had a dream like that when I had not watched any creepy videos that day. I only watched Sims 4 videos. Also, how did I dream so vividly about a house that does not even exist? My nan does not collect dolls in real life, she collects teddy bears. I'm so glad that was not real. But the feelings I get when I think about Princess and the faded doll I can't describe.

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Princess the Doll
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