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Ramblings About the Holiday Season

Getting Started

I think I will start writing about the holiday season, see it is been a while since I have written so I am a little rusty. I mean, look at that first sentence, how sloppy is that? Several months ago I could have written that a lot better, but the only way to regain my “writers flow” is to jump right back into the swing of things and to start from the beginning.

I love the holidays, but it has come to my attention that for the past decade or so there is only one holiday that people seem to care about: Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and all that it stands for, however, there are other holidays to consider, some of them not even American.

That being said, I want to discuss the holidays in order and not jump the gun, so to speak.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I am more than disheartened to see that as soon as October rolls around the candy, Halloween décor and costumes are tucked away to make room for Christmas. This is wrong. Each holiday has their turn and it is definitely NOT December.

I remember dressing up for Halloween and allowing my creativity to shine. I could be anything I wanted: a Barbie, a witch, a cat, a ghost, a vampire, Snow White, a witch-ghost, a gypsy.

I remember the décor: carved pumpkins, googly eyes in the window that glowed brightly when the moon was full, cobwebs everywhere.

I understand that a lot has happened in this country so parents are practically terrified to allow their kids to go outside, especially after dark. We as a society cannot allow ourselves or are children to be governed by fear, as long as we are smart and aware of our surroundings I believe there is less chance for us to be afraid.

I am afraid all of the time, almost two years ago I was diagnosed with several forms of mental illness. I won’t disclose all that I was diagnosed with, that’s solely my decision, but I will say that I do have severe social anxiety.

If I, as someone with social anxiety, can go up to random costumers and greet them at my part-time job, than it is possible for others to conquer their own fears.

Some of my most treasured memories are when my dad and I built a haunted wooden gate together for Halloween. And because time and life got in the way that gate was not put up this year, that and we live in an area that is kind of secluded so we do not get many trick-or-treaters…

Instead of putting a tree up I have a grinning pumpkin on my stoop because it is not December, it is October, the scariest month out of the entire year, aside from Black Friday when nice people turn into monsters just so that they can get a 10 cent widescreen television set.

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Ramblings About the Holiday Season
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