Revenge of Harvard Hall

Deadly Night

Chapter 1

Everyone was gathered around a glowing candle as Susie, a girl with black hair and green eyes, started to tell an old legend. 

“Years ago, there was a family called the Harvards that used to live in this house.” She looked around to see her friends slightly scared. 

“They were a wealthy family and they had a happy life. The father, Zack, was the owner of a large building that he inherited from his father,” Lila said with excitement in her blue eyes. 

“Calm yourself, sister dear. You look so scared.”

Lila took a deep breath as she pushed a piece of her short, brown hair behind her ear and nodded. 

“Yea. You need to calm down, flower.” Blake said, winking through his platinum blonde hair. 

The brunette rolled her eyes and threatened “Shut the hell up or I will poke your brown eyes out.” Blake chuckled and adjusted his grey tee shirt. Everyone giggled under their breath as Susie continued her story. 

“Zack's brother, Alexander, was incredibly jealous of his brother to the point of insanity. He wanted the company so bad, he hired a group of hitmen to end him and his family.”

Everyone got a scared look on their face. 

“One quiet night, much like this one, the group of hitmen barged into the house. The entire family woke up and tried to hide but…throughout the night, every single family member was slaughtered. But, the killers took one thing from the dead family as a souvenir.” 

With that, everyone gasped. Faith held onto Ryan’s black shirt, her dark brown hair hiding her face. The black-haired Ryan petted her head as Susie continued to speak. 

“The father, Zack, was decapitated. His entire head was chopped off and taken.” Misty Rose hid in her purple hair as she wrapped her arms around her dark purple, layered top. The twins, Tara and Sean Cain, held hands in anticipation. Tara tied her light red hair into a high ponytail as Sean kept his dark red hair loose. 

“Ariel, the mother, was running away from a killer when she tripped on her own two feet and fell down the stairs. Her neck snapped so hard that her head was backwards. This time, one of the assassins cut her tongue out with a pair of rusty scissors.” 

Tim Morgan was backing away slowly, his blonde hair hiding his brown eyes. Misty looked at the blonde-haired Tim and smiled, then looked back at the black-haired storyteller. 

“The first child to die was James. He was repeatedly stabbed and, as a souvenir, one killer took his heart out.” 

The siblings, Ginger and Angel Moore, had a look of disgust on their faces while the blonde girl held her mouth to stop herself from throwing up. Ginger tied her blonde hair into a braid that reached her back and Angel tucked his shoulder length hair behind his ear. 

“Keep going,” the Cain twins said at the same time, causing everyone to giggle. 

“There was a pair of twins named Veronica and Derek who looked nothing alike. Veronica was killed by being torched, feeling excruciating pain surge through her before her left eye was taken. Derek was suffocated, with his right eye taken out.” 

The Cain twins held each other tight after hearing that. 

“The last child, Lilly, was ripped apart. The last killer was very sadistic, so he ripped young Lilly apart limb by limb and piece by piece.” Everyone cringed as Susie continued to speak. “Legend says that the family cursed this mansion and, at night, when the moon is full and the spell is spoken, the family will come back and murder anyone who dares enter this house, and unless you run, you will be brutally murdered like they were.”

Everyone gasped when, suddenly, a crash of lightning echoed through the room, making most of them scream at the sound. The candle suddenly went out, making the screams continue. Suddenly, a spark ignited, making everyone look at Ryan. He kept on a straight face as he walked up and picked up the candle. Lighting the candle again, everyone calmed down when the room was illuminated with the candlelight. Ginger rolled her eyes as her brother patted his black shirt as a way to calm himself down.

Tara and Sean Cain clutched onto each other as Luca adjusted his glasses. Faith started to giggle as she patted down her pink dress while giggling. “Well… I nearly peed my panties.” 

Black walked towards the wall and flipped the light switch, filling the room with much needed light. Everyone calmed down as the storm continued to roll over them. 

“That was an amazing story!” Tara exclaimed while adjusting her long, dark red blouse and dusting off her shoulders. Sean smiled and hugged his twin. 

“I agree. When did you hear that?” Misty asked. 

“I heard it around town. Everyone talks about that story.” Susie answered.

Everyone sighed when Ryan asked, “Then tell me this. How the hell do you even summon the family?” 

Lila rolled her eyes and stated, “I’ll tell you, bad boy. You have to say a magic spell. Once the spell has been said, a crash of lightning will strike, and then, suddenly, a cold wind will blow. Suddenly, it will become so quiet, you will be able to faintly hear ‘welcome to the Harvard house’ in the distance.”

Ryan rolled his hazel eyes and winked at Lila. 

Luca rolled his eyes saying, “There is no such thing as ghosts. Scientists have not proved-” 

The blond-haired boy pushed the nerdy teen to the ground to shut him up. 

“Why don’t we bring the old dead out to play?” Blake mentioned to his friends with a smirk.

Tim and Misty opened their eyes wide then the purple haired girl suggested “Let’s not!” 

Tim nodded, agreeing with her. Ginger came up and punched Tim’s shoulder, making him groan in pain as he rubbed his arm. 

“What’s the spell?” Blake questioned with a smirk. 

Susie just smiled and said “We all must stand in a circle around a candle holding hands and speak, ‘Come forth, spirits, hear our cry. Come back and do not die. Walk again with all your might, live again throughout this night’ six times. The spell will be complete.” 

“How will we know if the spell worked?” Ginger asked. 

The black-haired girl smiled and said, “If the candle goes out and a crash of lightning strikes. But you will know if they are near if you hear six people speak in dreary voices saying ‘Welcome to your last night alive.’ Then, you run like hell.” 

Tara rolled her eyes as Tim and Misty cowered in fear. 

“Let’s do this!” Cheered Angel. 

Tara started to feel nervous, but Sean comforted her, stating, “If any ghost dare try to lay a hand on you, I will risk my life to save you.” Tara smiled and kissed his cheek. 

“I swear. If you guys weren’t our friends, we would report your relationship to your parents.” Luca stated, pushing his glasses up. 

“You can’t get in the way of true love dude! I support their relationship completely.” Lila argued and hugged the twins tightly. 

“So… Let's do this spell!” The redhead girl exclaimed excitedly. 

Ryan placed the candle down on the floor and everyone gathered around it holding hands and some closed their eyes. “Ok. Say the spell six time out loud. And the spirits will be called.”

Everyone slowly said the spell until they reached the last time, with the thunder growing louder and the wind becoming stronger. 

“One more time!” Everyone shouted. “Come forth spirits, hear our cry. Come back and do not die. Walk again with all your might, live again throughout this night!” After the last word was pronounced, a strong gust of wind blew the candle out and a crash of lightning struck outside. Everyone screamed when, suddenly, the window blew open, sending aggressive winds through the den, along with the leaves and twigs that were on the ground outside.

When the wind stopped, everyone looked around to see if their friends were OK. Suddenly, the ground shook underneath them, causing vases, pictures, and furniture to fall on the ground. When the large earthquake stopped, a voice from behind them moaned “Welcome… To your last night alive.” The group of teenagers turned to see a man’s body holding a smoke pipe. His body was pale and white, his skin looked like it was rotting and around his body was a dark aura.

But the thing that scared the teens the most: a large chunk of his head was missing, leaving only his bottom teeth and chin left. A few screamed and turn to the door, only for Lila scream again loudly, causing the rest to turn to face the door. In front of the large entrance were two children that looked about seventeen. Each child had an eyeball missing from their sockets. Also, their insides looked like they were rotting and bleeding, causing everyone to tremble.

Hearing a giggle from the left, the group turned to see a woman in her late thirties with her neck twisted in a demented way in front of an entrance to a hallway. Next to her was a teen about sixteen years old with her stomach ripped open, but there were no insides at all. Turning to the right, they saw another spirit, this time with his clothes severely torn and bloodstained.

Each ghostlike creature walked towards the stairs. Not too long later, all six of the creatures were at the top of the stairs, looking down at the teenagers while cackling like maniacs driven to insanity. The group of friends all screamed as loud as they could and clutched onto each other as lightning struck, creating a flash of white. The family started to walk down the stairs with crazed grins on their faces. The group all scattered, going in a variety of directions, fearing for their lives.