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Review of 'Sharp Objects' 3


A lateral third episode of Sharp Objects on last Sunday—meaning, the story didn't really move much forward, but we learned a lot more about the characters, mostly about lead character Camille and her family.

Camille was and is a lot more troubled then we may have realized. Though her editor more or less meant well by sending her back to Wind Gap, it's opened up all kinds of deep wounds. And all of this intensifies the question of what exactly happened to her back then—before, when, and right after her sister died.

And speaking of sisters, Camille's half-sister Amma is more a piece of work than indicated in the first two episodes. Her taunting Camille when she was with Detective Willis was more than good-natured ribbing. Amma has an underlying hostility and even animus towards Camille, almost a love/hate relationship, given her emulation of her sister, which we've also seen. (I have a feeling that Amma may be the next victim, but that's just a feeling, with no evidence—as yet—to back that up.)

Camille's mother Adora also comes across as even more vicious than she was before. Does she have some kind of motive for this, beyond the considerable detritus of her life? Is she protecting someone, and her motive is just to get Camille on her way, out of town? If so, whom? Is Adora the killer? Willis seemed to prove that it couldn't be a woman. Is Adora protecting her husband? (As I indicated in my last review, I have a feeling that he's the killer—also on no evidence.)

About the only good thing that happened to Camille in episode three was the time that could have been more with Willis. It will be good to see how that develops.