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Sam Raimi's Latest Horror Project Is... a Car Commercial?

The 'Evil Dead' director and producer who recently brought the franchise back to life has just completed another horror venture for 2016.

Split personality ?

Sam Raimi, you know that wacky Evil Dead director and producer who recently brought the franchise back to life with Ash vs Evil Dead, has just completed another horror venture for 2016 YAY!!

No it's not the belated sequel to Drag Me to Hell (although it should be in my opinion) but a TV commercial for Chevrolet's New Malibu and Cruz vehicles. Cashing in Raimi? Well maybe but I'd say he's more then earned the right.

Don't go in there... oh what's the use?

Sam states his thoughts on the project:

“We approached the development of the Chevrolet trailer in the same way we would an actual movie - by thinking through the plot, characters and eventual outcome,”
“I’ve been in plenty of theaters where the audience is so concerned for the safety of the main characters that they call out warnings to save them. That’s what this is based on.”

An old manor house spells doom... maybe

The ad showcases Sam's manic camera angles and visual flares like blustery winds, pan shock zooms and faulty lighting. Quite frankly until the last 10 seconds or so it feels like your watching the set up for a great new horror film. 

Anybody Home??

The old cliché of following the monster until it finally gets you is turned on its head as a member of the audience shouts out from beyond the fourth wall. The ad has been playing on TV and cinema screens across America and I bet it plays well to a big audience.

wouldn't it just...

It vaguely reminds me of an old theater ad involving a crew aboard a submarine who had to maintain complete silence to avoid being torpedoed. At the pivotal moment however someone's mobile phone rings in the audience! Great fun when you're sat in the dark.

Who's behind the wheel?

It's a shame Sam couldn't get his trusty 1973 Delta 88 in there as it's appeared in EVERY movie he's ever made (yes even the Western with Sharon Stone), unfortunately Chevy must have killed the classic...

Can you name the rest?

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Sam Raimi's Latest Horror Project Is... a Car Commercial?
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