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Scream Queen Doom

Are Final Girls from slashers really safe?

A part of me always gets excited when a favorite franchise of mine, be it horror or otherwise, is coming back in some way. Even if it's a reboot. Whether I end up watching it or not is another story. It's no secret that slasher franchises never die in way or another. 

Halloween is a prime example of a fresh take on an old franchise. It made a return in 2018, and along with it, returned scream queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis. Hearing about her return, and those involved behind the scenes, piqued my interest. But the one thought that couldn't escape my mind, will Laurie Strode finally die?

Every heroine, or scream queen as we call them, have become iconic over the years. As exciting it was to have Jamie back, and as excited I was to have Neve back when Scream 4 was released. I'm always nervous for them, like will their luck run out.

Will the killer finally catch them and they'll meet their end. I've always said that if there ever was a fifth Scream Sidney should not return. But Scream is unique in the fact that three characters from the first movie until the last have survived. So if she never returns, Should that sentiment be extended to Gail and Dewey as well?

Neve Campbell in Scream 4

How long can we keep seeing our favorite final girls return, and still be elusive to the boogeyman. Eventually I feel like the powers that be are gonna start killing them off. So should they just stay away and live happily ever after? How long as an audience can we buy them surviving all the time, with minor injuries? we'll start calling it out, and they'll have no choice right? So it's really best if we never see them again or only briefly in the future.

Back to Laurie Strode specifically, The last Halloween (2018) was said to be non-canon I believe. So this might work in her favor. As a direct sequel to the original Halloween, Laurie has only escaped Michael Myers once. So with there being two more sequels in the works, maybe she has luck on her side, and she'll be spared. So her finally meeting her end may not happen, but who knows. The point is that I'm going to be on the edge of my seat, worried that it is gonna happen. 

If all the producers who do these movies run out of ideas for sequels, they could also take the non-canon route with their main girls, or there's always the option Wes Craven took with A New Nightmare. Having Nancy Thompson return, but as the actress that played her is genius. Heather Langenkamp coming back was great, I mean what other was could it have been done, Since Nancy is suppose to be dead. 

On second thought that might not be a good idea for other slashers. Can you imagine Jaime Lee Curtis running from Mike Myers as herself, and not Laurie? That worked well in the world of Freddy Kruger, but Halloween has always been a more grounded franchise than NOES.  

Heather Langenkamp in A New Nightmare

I wonder what they would do with Nightmare now anyway, if it was brought back. I don't know if that's the case, but in this climate of reboot who knows. When it's all said and done, I'd rather see new takes on all these franchises, similar to Halloween, but you don't need to bring back the final girls for them to work. Even if that is what the people want, I would rather it be them alive and away. Rather than dead onscreen somewhere, even if it is more realistic to the story.

So to all the Sidneys, Lauries, and Nancys of the Slasher genre, here's to your survival, and the peace that you all fought so hard for!

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Scream Queen Doom
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